PyWeek 22 challenge: “You can't let him in here”

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Infinite Forest

Hopefully I have enough time to do this between uni and whatnot.

Entrant: Cody

A Lichee Hornet Mutiny

Help Princess Ling prevent her conservatory from becoming infested with hornets.

Entrant: gcewing

Super Wicked Sick Nasty Radical Guitar Game

 A crowd of people are trying to get up into your personal space! Luckily, they don't like terrible guitar playing. Using all six strings and twelve frets of your guitar, fend them off! Requires Python 3.x, numpy and pygame.

We've never coded in Python. Literally just trying to get into university. #shootyourshot

Team: JaySKZ, wspuma, pontoffel


Defend the spacestation! Defend the Spacestation from the terrorist forces using WASD to fire lasers up, down, left and right. The battle will get increasingly intense! If the space station is too damaged, then the Reg5 bomber will finish the outpost off Don't Let Him In!

Entrant: daftspaniel

Chaotic Games

Well, another Pyweek is here! I hope I'm prepared! :D 12 days of practice!! xD

Entrant: m0dem

Beneath the Ice

Beneath the Ice is a submarine exploration game and puzzle solving adventure! Uncover a mysterious pariah who can't let you discover his secrets, who can't let you in! Team Chimera take 3!

Playthrough Videos:

Part 1 of 2: 

Part 2 of 2: 

Game Website:

Team: mit-mit, Lucid Design Ar

Uzumaki Adventures - Village Defence

Game Info: Enemies are being summoned in your village. Use your ninjutsu abilities to get rid of them.

Entrant: jasonhinds13

Nashes to Ashes

Retrieve the Doomsday devices before the world is reduced to rubble.

Entrant: paulpaterson


You wake up with one purpose in your newly born mind: to protect home. But you did not expect everything to be so quiet and empty. What is going on? A top-down bit-flipping puzzle game, set in the depths of an AI.

In celebration of my 20th Pyweek submission (10+ years!), I put in more effort than usual for this one. I hope you enjoy! :)

Entrant: Tee


You can't let him OUT of there! An escape from prison! The monsters have you captive in their underground cell. An earthquake has opened a path, so fight your way out! Simply controls: move with the arrow keys, and run into the enemies to attack. Make sure to hit them on-center, or you might be the one getting hurt!

Entrant: Benjamin

Attack of the Giant Space Mould

Enter the exciting life of the modern space contract farmer.

Swell with pride as you grow valuable exotic produce vital for the modern economy.

Marvel at the tools you have available to manage your resources.

Thrill as you defeat the ever-present alien threat.

(Long term effectiveness of treatments is not assured. Contract holder is solely responsible for growing enough produce to satisfy market demand. We disclaim all responsiblity for damage due to moulds or other fungi.)

Attack of the Giant Space Mould requires a recent pygame 1.9.2 alpha release and pymunk 5.0.0

Team: hodgestar, drnlm, confluence

Upside Down

Well, 'Upside Down' is a movie(, Its style is fantasy and romance. I like the visuals, the scene designed inside. So I imitate it this time. Hope you will also enjoy it ^ v ^

Entrant: xmzhang1

Dr. Zome's Laboratory

Tower defense with some physics elements, set in a petri dish. Cell tower defense. Get it? Get it?

Please see README.txt for useful command-line flags that let you set fullscreen mode, window resolution, high-contrast color mode, and effect levels.

See our entry page for strategy, tips, and discussion.

Team: Cosmologicon, marybee, EnigmaticArcher


You play as a hapless custard pie enthusiast whose house is overrun by clowns. You simply can't let them in here! Protect your pie from the intruders at all cost.

Entrant: HipetyHopit

Treasure Seeker--You can't let him in...

Well, being the first time of competing in pyweek. I have decided to create a game titled "Treasure Seeker" --> A 2d platformer game where you have to get to a certain point by avoiding obstacles and making sure you do not fall of the loop....

Entrant: Ferguson

Lawnmower Robots Helping At A Garden Exhibition

I didn't have enough time to finish all I wanted to finish (work, need I say more? LOL) Anyways, this is some kind of a defense game where the objective is to kill lawnmower robots who malfunction before they can enter the garden exhibition. Some lawnmower robots can also be repaired. For help and introductions, please read the README.txt file, thanks!!

Entrant: Master47

Block the Knight

The Story --------- A fourth dragon (duck), not in the original Atari VCS 2600 Adventure has captured back the chalice and hid it at the end of a long cavern. The dragon has organized characters from past Atari games to help keep you out of the cavern. Each nemesis is armed with unlimited bullets, so watch out. At the end the dragon is guarding the chalice, he has given them the order "You can't let him in here." Unfortunately your old Atari joystick is worn out and all you have left is the fire button (the space bar on your keyboard). Being the brave, yet very square, knight you are, you swallowed the magnet causing you to be pulled down the cavern towards the chalice. Working to your advantage, your worn out Atari also has a glitch that gives you unlimited lives and no timeout so you can keep going until you reach the end. How to Play ----------- Use the space bar to jump over the obstacles. Don't hit the obstacles, bullets, or the nemeses. Modules Needed ----------- pygame and pyaudio

Entrant: pyrex

You cANT let him in here

Your home has become a war zone. If you conserve your very limited resources carefully, you just might make it. Air being one of them - make sure you take a breath in between the relentless, frantic waves of enemy incursions.

Forget the mess, clean up is for later. Get in the fight! You cAN'T let 'em in here! :)

P.S. - There is a potentially very LOUD alarm during game play. We tried to soften the volume to a safe hearing level. Just to be safe, please don't play this with headphones on; or do so cautiously, until you're sure of the alarm's sound level. This is the alarm when the hopper is full (the orange canister).

P.P.S. - You'll have a better audio experience if you turn off dynamic EQ in your soundcard's settings. Especially voice and volume levelers, and dynamic sound shaping. You can adjust the sfx and music master volumes in (0.0 ≤ vol ≤ 1.0).

P.P.P.S - See the diary below for tips, spoilers and amusing commentary.

There's a post-pyweek bug fix here. You want to get it to avoid frustration. See diary entry "Critical bug #1".

Team: DR0ID, gummbum


A simple game like the old pinball game, here you have to keep the red "dudes" out and let in the blue "dudes" (for now). Can almost say pinball survival.

Team: mj-meo-dmt, fireclaw

The Torus

  • — Here is the exe version. With a miracle, it could work on your computer. The best still remains to have python3.x with pygame and numpy on your computer...
  • — "standalone" version. - I will upload a really heavy one which comes with an executable...
Exploration of a procedurally-generated world map with a torus-topology. A guy need your help somewhere in this world. You can't let him in here.

Entrant: YannThor


Not a complete game, just something we did put together in the few hours we could reserve for this.
Heroes want to save the Princess, you are the evil monster that wants to block them (him).

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta

Rejected Survivor

Extreme survival game (everything kills you, you can't kill anybody)

Entrant: knowledge


  • — Stop Mecha-Corbyn from becoming the new Space Labour leader.

Entrant: ccabs

The Big Board

You can't let the Rushing Ambassador in the War Room because he'll see The Big Board. part of the trouble is that your boss, the P resident, wants to let him in. You've got a time limit and some pretty dire consequences if you fail.

Entrant: typhonic

Jungle Run

In this game, highlighting the situation of thousands of refugee's in the "Jungle", your task will be to scan trucks as they head for the ferry to the UK, looking for illegal immigrants: "You can't let him in here!"

This game is written for Python3 and Pygame

"The Calais "Jungle" is the nickname given to a refugee and migrant encampment in the vicinity of Calais, France, where migrants and refugees live."
Area: 4 km²
Population: 7,300 (Jul 2016)

Entrant: PaulBrownMagic

Outta My Lane!!!

Don't spend enough time in traffic already? This game has you covered.

Github repo

Entrant: iminurnamez