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Treasure Seeker--You can't let him in...

Well, being the first time of competing in pyweek. I have decided to create a game titled "Treasure Seeker" --> A 2d platformer game where you have to get to a certain point by avoiding obstacles and making sure you do not fall of the loop....


fastest backwards walker moving forwards
Presented by DR0ID

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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 2.4

Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
Treausre Seeker.rarfinal
Treasure Seeker v1.0
Ferguson 2016/09/10 10:16
Treasure Seeker Screenshot
Ferguson 2016/09/06 00:22

Diary Entries

Treasure Seeker--You can't let him in...

Treasure Seeker is a little bit hard to defeat, and some how slow but anyway I am still making progress. I think I have to work on the difficulty, optimize fastness, and add multi-level support.. Hopefully I should be able to upload the final submit of Treasure Seeker By Saturday!!!! ...

Treasure Seeker


Treasure Seeker--70% Completed

Multi-level support have been added. Its time to add sound-packs(pick-up, background-music, game-over and many more)... I will try my best to make sure that Treasure Seeker is a fun and an interactive game...I can even add support for score uploading but I am running out of time(being my first pyweek It's like I lack experience on how to stay organized)... Well let see what happen by Saturday!!!

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Treasure Seeker -> Slowly Making Progress

Wow, Treasure Seeker is almost completed, I have added menu options, entrance animation.. There are lots of implementations running in my head.. I think i have to get to work.........


Treasure Seeker -> Completed

Treasure Seeker is finally completed, though everything does not work just as I planned because I was a little busy..But Its still playable.. See You All In Pyweek 23...


Thanks For Your Support->I have being away

I really appreciate all your suggestions and support, I am really sorry, I have being away.... So see you all wonderfully In Pyweek 23...

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