Treasure Seeker -> Slowly Making Progress

Wow, Treasure Seeker is almost completed, I have added menu options, entrance animation.. There are lots of implementations running in my head.. I think i have to get to work.........

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lol, I also want to add a menu, finally, I give up due to I really do not know how to add it ^ v ^
Oh!!...Well it's just a little just have to get into another game loop(while loop) that displays the option on each frame, and make sure you listen for mouse-button events, after that check if the event happen on one of the menu options and execute the appropriate command. Its just as simple as that... But don't waste your time trying to add menu if you know its giving you headache... Your game is really good, so don't worry you will make it to the top...
Thank you for your advice and kind comment, I just do not know what content to input in menu, my game is tinny, it seemed it is extra if I add it. But I really feel headache on music and sound, I am not good at it, and finally give it up. Just be happy!