PyWeek - Treasure Seeker--You can't let him in... - feedback

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Pretty good level design for a standard runner, though I thought a lot of jumps were kind of
unfair since there was no way you could avoid being hit. It got a lot easier once I realized I was
supposed to be avoiding the swords. I don't know, they looked like treasure to me. Some
indication that you got hurt, like sound effects or flashing red, would have helped me a lot

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A runner game! It would be nice if the hazards came in a pattern. Seems like it depends a lot on
luck instead of skill in order to win. There are many times they are unavoidable, and that's not
good. Still, this is pretty good, especially for a first time in Pyweek. :) (By the way, don't
forget to add a readme next time with the licenses of any assets you've used.)

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Best moonwalk by far.

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Not sure how it relates to the theme. But its a playable game. A one key game.

3 3 2

Simple play, one button. Some nice scenery.

2 4 2

Needs more tweaking of game balance and more varied content. Good first effort! Filenames are
case-sensitive in Linux; I had to add some symlinks to assets to get the game to work.

3 2 2

It could've been more fun if the platforming mechanics/fireballs were different, it's
almost impossible to get coins (or even survive) without hitting fireballs all the time.

3 3 2

Well done on your first pyweek entry! It was a quick, yet fun game, and one of the few I finished. I
like how the player does the moonwalk (walking frames in reverse) is this intentional? Its
pretty hard to avoid the obstacles while getting coins .. I found myself deciding not to jump
heaps because its not worth it :)

3 3 2

Nicely implemented runner game. I think a couple of things would really add to the fun. The
collision detection is a bit too inaccurate and so sometimes it seems that you have missed a
jump but you don't fall. This makes the player feel a bit uncertain about when to jump. There
should also be some sound or clearer indication when you are losing health. I assumed I was when
hitting the swords but I had to die before I really got this confirmed. Nice job overall.

3 2 3

Needed more instructions, and feedback on health damage is very indirect.

Gameplay is OK, although mechanics are very simple.

Idea is very weakly linked to the theme.

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1 2 2


2 3 2

Level 4 seems to be impossible.

4 4 4

the font is good! game is lovely! let us meet in pyweek 23!