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Block the Knight

The Story --------- A fourth dragon (duck), not in the original Atari VCS 2600 Adventure has captured back the chalice and hid it at the end of a long cavern. The dragon has organized characters from past Atari games to help keep you out of the cavern. Each nemesis is armed with unlimited bullets, so watch out. At the end the dragon is guarding the chalice, he has given them the order "You can't let him in here." Unfortunately your old Atari joystick is worn out and all you have left is the fire button (the space bar on your keyboard). Being the brave, yet very square, knight you are, you swallowed the magnet causing you to be pulled down the cavern towards the chalice. Working to your advantage, your worn out Atari also has a glitch that gives you unlimited lives and no timeout so you can keep going until you reach the end. How to Play ----------- Use the space bar to jump over the obstacles. Don't hit the obstacles, bullets, or the nemeses. Modules Needed ----------- pygame and pyaudio


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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 3.6
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 3

18% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 9


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pyrex 2016/09/10 21:27
pyrex 2016/09/10 21:25

Diary Entries

Keep it Simple Silly

Going for real simple game play and one button 'space bar' input. I'm playing with a wacky physics in a jump over obstacle game. The boss has given orders to not let in the hero, James Block 00L7, a square character if there ever was one.

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Proto of game play

I have some basic game play done. If anyone would like to try it, I'd like to hear any preliminary feedback.


Attention all Nemeses

Today I drew 29 nemesis for the different screens of the game. The story is the dragon (Duck) from Atari 2600 Adventure has stolen back the chalice and hidden it at the end of a long cavern. He has organised all the characters from past Atari games to defend him and the chalice by not letting you in. You as the self righteous tomb raider (block) have to navigate the caverns, not touching the obstacles and the nemesis on each screen, while avoiding getting shot. When you make it to the Dragon there is one final challenge to defeat him and win the game. Next up is drawing the obstacles for each screen. The challenge will to make the screens get progressively harder, but not impossible.

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Keeping a Level Head

Made a level editor yesterday. Today I drew up 11 of the 30 levels. The false start I had was too much resolution in the editor. This made it difficult to come up with levels with good game play. Now that it is blockier, more constrained, it is actually easier.

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This was so much fun.

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Follow up

I converted my game from pygame to the kivy. It is now running on Android and is available for free on Google Play.

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