Day 7: Attack of the Giant Space Mould

Attack of the Giant Space Mould

Enter the exciting life of the modern space contract farmer.

Swell with pride as you grow valuable exotic produce vital for the modern economy.

Marvel at the tools you have available to manage your resources.

Thrill as you defeat the ever-present alien threat.

(Long term effectiveness of treatments is not assured. Contract holder is solely responsible for growing enough produce to satisfy market demand. We disclaim all responsiblity for damage due to moulds or other fungi.)

Attack of the Giant Space Mould requires a recent pygame 1.9.2 alpha release and pymunk 5.0.0


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 3.7

33% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 6


File Uploader Date
Space Turnips - Source Tarball. Version: 1.0.0
hodgestar 2016/09/11 21:00
Space Turnips - Source Zip. Version: 1.0.0
hodgestar 2016/09/11 20:58
Windows py2exe build
drnlm 2016/09/11 14:39
Day 7: Attack of the Giant Space Mould
hodgestar 2016/09/11 00:36
Day 7: Station Alpha
hodgestar 2016/09/11 00:36
Commits per Hour
hodgestar 2016/09/11 00:34
Intersecting Triangles 1
drnlm 2016/09/05 20:18
Triangles 2
drnlm 2016/09/05 20:15
Day 1: Rays of Light
hodgestar 2016/09/04 22:25

Diary Entries

Day 1: Let there be lights!

And they're off!

After some lengthly discussion we settled on a tower defense game. We suspect that given the theme -- "You can't let him in here" -- there are going to be a number of tower defense games, but we hope ours is different enough to stand out a little and be fun.

Envisioned core mechanics:

  • During the day you prepare to defend you space turnips by planting them in safe places and surrounding them with a variety of lights.
  • During the night, the space mould attacks and you have to defend your turnips by turning lights on and off.
  • However, the station only has enough spare power for a few lights, so you'll need to be careful which ones you switch on and try not to overload the batteries.
  • And the space mould might mutate or become immune to lights of different colours.
  • Once you've produced enough turnips, you get to leave the station and be assigned to a more difficult station as reward for your success!

Progress today

  • We have a lot of core pieces of art, including turnips and some mould.
  • We have some generic pygame and pymunk infrastructure and a ray tracing engine that generates a set of convex hulls that describe the regions light from lamps can reach.

We've largely ignored the masculine, human, singular "him" in the theme -- you can argue with the sentient space mould who is stealing the station's turnips if you would like to use a different pronoun.

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Day 2

Due to other commitments, there was very little work done today.

What work we did do was mainly on abusing pymunk to do terrible things. The net result is a simple demo that sort of does the right thing for a rotating light, as shown. This is not without it's awkward corner cases, and still needs to be integrated with the code proper, but will hopefully be useful in the actual game eventually.

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Day 7: Attack of the Giant Space Mould

We have a game!

Attack of the Giant Space Mould (aka Space Turnips) is actually playable!

Features include:

  • 6 levels!
  • Space turnips!
  • Space mould that wants to eat the turnips!
  • Lights to defend the turnips with!
  • Walls that get in the way!
  • Shrubs (like walls, but prettier
  • A diurnal cycle!
  • Ray tracing! (extremely primitive)
  • 3 types of lights, 6 light colours
  • Lights that rotate and pulsate!
  • A named antagonist with clear motivations!
  • Saves at least one game!
  • Advanced third-party level editors like Vi and Emacs!
  • Visual and audible battery monitoring and power measurements!
  • A toolbar even Photoshop would be proud of!
  • Sounds that go eep!
  • In-game help!
  • Lots of punctuation marks!

Selected Commit Messages

  • Allow people to go back to the menu
  • Use bounding foxes
  • blue is not cyan
  • Don't repeatedly reload soil.
  • Fix lights -- Eeeee. :)
  • Enter Boyd, from not exactly stage left.

Commits per Hour

Commits per hour over the course of the week:

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