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This definitely looks like a cool concept, but I admit it goes over my head a bit. I'm not quite
sure what to do besides putting a bunch of lights around my seeds. Probably if I had more
guidance, I would have enjoyed the game more. Also, I guess I'm somewhat impatient to wait for
so long during the night. Still, I had some fun with it, and I think the idea itself is very
creative, and I can see a lot of work has been put into it. Graphics and sounds fit pretty well.

1 1 1 yes

Unfortunately I was not able to get pygame 1.10 installed, despite by my best effort. If I get a
chance, I will come back and give it another shot.

3 3 3

Being able to see the area of effect when placing lights would've been much better. I kept
ending up with tiny gaps between the lights where the mold could get through.

4 4 4

Cool game and good fit for the theme! Good overall production and explanations in the help
screen. I found it pretty hard at first.

3 2 4

A very interesting concept with an interesting variation on the tower defence type game. I
liked the different lights and the resistance of the mold. I think it needed more of a tutorial
or more visual feedback to show you what was going well and what wasn't because I wasn't really
able to understand how to improve my performance. Nice game overall.

2 3 3

The lights seemed not to have any effect and all my seed were eaten independently what I tryed.
Maybe I did something wrong, not sure.

1 1 1 yes

I'm just not able to get numpy to behave on my computer: from numpy.polynomial.polynomial
import polyval2d ImportError: cannot import name polyval2d

4 4 4

well, I did not run the code correctly, I run the .exe file, The team really did a great work! the
game is hard to play, I can not survive two days...

1 1 1 yes

Selecting New Game, Fusarium gives: Loading station Cladosporium Aborting due to Chipmunk
error: Shape is not a poly shape. Failed condition: shape->klass ==
Source:chipmunk_src/src/cpPolyShape.c:268 Abort