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You can't let him OUT of there! An escape from prison! The monsters have you captive in their underground cell. An earthquake has opened a path, so fight your way out! Simply controls: move with the arrow keys, and run into the enemies to attack. Make sure to hit them on-center, or you might be the one getting hurt!


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Overall: 3.0
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 2.6

8% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


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Ripple source
Benjamin 2016/09/10 14:30
Title Screen
Benjamin 2016/09/10 13:43
Screenshot from 2016-09-07 18-41-06.png
Starting point
Benjamin 2016/09/07 09:42

Diary Entries

First Day

I made some good progress. I have the structure of the game layed out with source files as I usually like them. I'm using the "esper" ECS library and pyglet, so it just took a few Components and Processors to get a simple title screen up. No "game" yet to speak of at this point.

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more progress

I found a nice looking sprite sheet over on open game art.org, so I wired up player walking animations. I also made a simple map using Tiled. There is also a simple scene manager, which lets you move from the title screen to the first scene. Everything is pretty crude, but I find that I'm making a ton of progress due to the constricted time frame. I've rewritten a few standard processors that I've written many times before in other games, and was happy to realise that I was finding new tricks now that I'm not obsessing over the code too much.

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A bump in the dark...

Last night I got caught up messing around with Tiled's automapping feature, and wasted a lot of time....

I did finish up the Collision Processor at least, both for static bodies (walls) and player/monsters. I also added a LifeProcessor to handle hp reduction and entity death, and decided on a method of attack. I'm going with the Ys/Falcom style bump-to-attack. This was easy to tie into the new Collision Processor, and will hopefully be a fun mechanic. I still need to sort out a few things to handle off-center hits and player damage, but it's looking good.

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Slow but steady.

Last night I implemented the attack mechanic I wanted. I did sort of an opposite Ys style attack. In Ys, you try to hit the enemies off-center for the greatest effect. In Ripple, you try to hit them on-center. I have enemies and player death implemented now, but still need to add a health bar of some sort.

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You can't let him OUT of there!!!

I just wrapped up my game, after a few more days of quick additions. It's not really as big as I hoped to make it, but I feel satisfied with what I accomplished in the very short time I was able to put into it each day. The theme of the game is a little twist on the original, in that you're trying to escape from a prison. It's basically a fight-your-way-out game, with a run-n-bump attack style. The idea ended up being different than my original one. I chose the name "Ripple" when I made my entry, but couldn't find a way to make that fit the game. Oh well! Less descriptive title next time! This was a lot of fun after all, and I think I learned a few things. I re-wrote from "muscle" memory a lot of code I typically write for other projects, but I found myself coming up with more concise ways to write things that are good enough, and probably would work just as well in other projects. I was able to think about things differently since my time was constrained, which was a good exercise.

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