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It's a bit confusing that sometimes moving into the enemy kills it, sometimes it kills me
depending on how aligned I am. Would be nice to have a short invulnerability period after
damage so running into an enemy badly does not become almost insta-death. But now that I read
your diary posts, this might be a matter of having good instructions somewhere. Players can't
guess what to do, and it does feel a lot like a bug rather than intentional, which felt
frustrating. Now that I know what to do this is actually quite fun, but the lack of instructions
really is a big deal. The game looks pretty good though and I liked the levels! Wish I could steal
that treasure by the end. :) (Also, don't forget that you have to add the licenses to your game!
You mentioned in a diary post the art is from opengameart, and that should be in the readme.
Pyweek or not, always give credit to your sources.)

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Reminded me of the mines in stardew valley.

2 3 2

I had some graphical distortion, like it was repeating the graphics for some frames
displaced. This was anoying. The gameplay was pretty difficult (only could get through
hacking the source). Not sure how to reason about the theme.

3 3 3

Easy to learn, a little hard to see the small players.

3 4 2

I didn't like the attack mechanic. I think I would have liked the game more if it remembered what
level you died on instead of returning you to the beginning when you died.

2 3 2

Pretty straightforward, had to read the homepage description to realize I could run down
enemies if I lined them up right, made the game a bit easier once I figured this out. Game jitters
a lot when running, maybe something to do with collision handling?

3 4 3

Cool game. Nice graphics and level setup. The attack mechanic was very unintuitive to begin
with. It would be good to let people know in-game that this is how it works. I also think having
some kind of key to initiate the attack would add to the depth of the gameplay. You used some nice
graphics in the level itself but these didn't seem to do anything (sign-posts, containers,
etc). It would be good to add a few of those too. Good game!

3 4 3

Nice look and feel. Game is quite short, though, and the connection to the theme isn't very

2 3 3

Not bad. The combat system took a little getting used to, but once I got it I felt like it was
pretty fair. It's pretty good for what it is. I like the layouts. A little more variety in
mechanics, maybe backtracking after getting a key, or a boss, would have been welcome.

1 1 1 yes

Game just freezes on my Linux box. No errors.

3 3 2

Has possibilities - would be interesting to have reasons to explore all the side branches.

4 4 3

it is a great gameļ¼