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A simple game like the old pinball game, here you have to keep the red "dudes" out and let in the blue "dudes" (for now). Can almost say pinball survival.


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Overall: 3.8
Fun: 3.6
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 4.2

50% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 5


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fireclaw 2016/09/11 12:57
Hold the line!
fireclaw 2016/09/11 12:57
Screenshot of the menu
fireclaw 2016/09/11 12:56
Box Art
fireclaw 2016/09/11 12:36
Source Release
fireclaw 2016/09/11 12:28
Shot of the Menu
mj-meo-dmt 2016/09/06 07:39
Shot of the in game (atm)
mj-meo-dmt 2016/09/06 07:38

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up to day 2

So we went with old school mechanics, pinball but with some different rules. The idea is to keep a certain set of "dudes" out of the "club" (we don't know what the place would be yet...) And you have to let some other "dudes" in. In the screenshots the red spheres are the "bad dudes" and the blue spheres are the good ones which you have to let through. (I wanted to say blue balls... :P) We plan on adding some other different "dudes" that have effects on the "dudes" or spheres in the game later. There will also be a timer that spawns more and more "dudes" to make it harder of course. A counter will keep track of all the blue "dudes" you let through, every-time you let a "bad dude" through you lose an x amount of counts or points or something... reach zero and you are out. Its all a WIP.

Screenshot of the Menu

Screenshot of in game


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Finally Done

Party Pinball with a touch of Fur

The nights are warm and it's time for many to party. Though, some of them don't respect the rules of some clubs and it's your job to keep them outside. Yes, you're the bouncer of a very famous club, the Lions Clu. Your job is to keep out the red dressed dudes as it's blue only day in the clubs.

How to play
Your only way to get your boss happy, and to win this game, is to use the doors of the club like pinball flippers to bounce off all the dudes that should not get into the club and open them up for anyone dressed in correct blue. To get rid of some annoying red dressed dudes, bounce them into the red club or over into the police station.
As soon as you got enough blue guys in, you'll win the round. Just make sure to not let in to many Red dressed guys. If you have more reds than blues, you'll loose the game!

This game was made using the Panda3D game engine

System Requirements:
CPU 2.4 GHz dual core
Memory 150 MB free RAM
Screen size 1920x1080 px
Graphics hardware OpenGL 3.0 capable graphic card
with 75 MB Free graphics memory
Sound hardware OpenAL capable audio
Peripherials Mouse, Keyboard

Requirements to run the game:
Python 2.7 or 3.x
Panda3D SDK 1.10

Have fun Playing.

Finally here are some Screenshots for you
The main menu

Customers are waiting, hold the line!

Bounced them all