August 2009 challenge: “Feather”

53 entries


Entrant: Tang

Wild Text

(In Chinese)
但是自從有了 windows 和 gui 後,
(In Engish)
Text is a icon for humen's culture.
When Gui and graphic was created from Computer,
Then Text was became wild.

Entrant: milker


Arlaharen: Duck Taping. Elemel: Snake Oil. Fulfet: Graphics. Hal: MicroKorg. Laserheart: Basslines.

Team: Fulfet, arlaharen, elemel, hal, laserheart


Feather glider flight simulator. Requires pygame, pyopengl and pyode to run.

Entrant: kent_turbo


Entrant: claxo

Geiger Feather Challenge, incomplete game

  • — Geiger Feather Challenge, incomplete game
After being contacted by WAL-MART, Inc.'s lawyers, we are hopeless in getting funding for a new chicken roasting division and were almost sold to their idea of a transplant software for balding roosters. Stay tuned for further court action.

Team: mentalray, fangol


Entrant: rowr

Fox Assault

Save the chickens!

The aim of the game is to make as much money as possible from your chicken farm. The problem is the foxes, which want to eat your chickens. Since hiring guards is both too expensive and unreliable, the obvious solution is to help the chickens defend themselves.

A team entry by members of the Cape Town Python Users Group. "The Rinkhals has eclectic tastes."

Team: hodgestar, drnlm, jerith, confluence, davidfraser

Import This!

DR0ID_ ldlework Ajhager Treeform

Team: ajhager, Treeform, DR0ID, ldle

GasMan: A sound love story

The great adventures of Gas Man.
GasMan is light as a feather. When he farts, he jumps. Help him find his beloved.
Experimenting with pyBox2d + cocos2d

Entrant: riq

Flight of Icarus

In a prequel to the well-known myth, you must help Icarus escape the caves of Idaion, before he begins his ill-fated journey into the skies.

Team: krougan, Banni, farfletched

Turbo Feather Interceptor

Collect feathers and avoid bats at insane speeds. Try to beat your best time/feathercount.

Team: hackedhead, stwelin


First time in PyWeek, my first game in Pygame, actually. Simple game about an angel losing feathers. Keep the angel in the air as long as you can, using chimneys making the angel soar, and clouds keeping the angel on its level. The name "tenshee" is basically "angel" ["tenshi"] from Japanese, changed to avoid confusion with a Linux tool.

Entrant: mmkay

Subreal - Rise of the magical phoenix

  • pyweek.tar.gz — this is the final game, the instructions button doesnt work cause I ran out of time :(
My 5th entry, hopefully my third finish :)

Team: john, Rhodri


Half of Yukkuri Games!
Now with 100% added piman!

Team: Jessicatz, piman

Feather Menace

This is challenging game where you need to get feathers into box by firing explosive barrel near to feather and explode it with gun and the blastwave will move the feather. This is fun game if you learn to play it.

Entrant: TK

The Selfish BirdBreeder

Learn to control the powers of evolution in this new groundbreaking puzzle action game!

In The Selfish Bird Breeder, you take charge of a bird farm. Starting with lowly birds that can't even jump higher than they're tall, you can use selective breeding to improve the genome in your breed of birds!

Slaughter your sucky birds and let the good ones produce offspring that can provide lots of food and even avoid the wolfs, who like nothing more than to nom your birdies all day long.

Team: Srekel, viblo, Drdunkel

Hark! I Impale Weasels!

A somewhat harrowing day in the life of a moderately well-known playwright. His dog got into his manuscripts and made rather a mess of them. Help him gather up the scattered pages and put them all back in the right order. Along the way, you'll have to deal with some troublesome figments that are popping up in his frazzled imagination.

Entrant: gcewing


Wizburg: a top-down action game of dueling spell casters

Entrant: Cosmologicon


We make Zombie games :D

Team: Rasmus, marson

Laohu Feather Trading Browser Game

This is a browser game. It is possible to setup locally, but it works better in the public incarnation:
Play here
Economic Simulation involving lots of feathers. Buy low, sell high. Try a distributed strategy, at least until you know where to make lots of money. It's not easy to compete with the other players. I will present an award here in pyweek to the entry of whoever tops the Highscore list when Pyweek 9's voting is finished!

Entrant: Tiger

Flight of Chicarus

Penelope, beloved girlfriend of the rooster, Corky, has been kidnapped by a farmer and taken atop a volcano! Corky will have to jump on a variety of 40x40 shapes in the hopes of completing levels and finally crashing the game because I didn't have time for an ending screen.

Team: scav, Strings

Rise of Featherations

For a very long time the United Featheration (UF) spanned the whole globe of Poultry, one of the planets in the solar system Fowl. All was well until the citizens of the UF started to ask themselves where they were ultimately coming from.

The majority of the UF didn't bother with that after sufficent scientific explanations were found. However, two minorities kept their (religious) views on the origin of featherkind and eventually formed armies to enforce their beliefs.

And while the UF government is now desperately trying to organize something that hardly resembles an army, two new featherations prepare themselves to decide the one and only origin of featherkind.

Hen or Turkey - YOU decide!

Team: ServalKatze, Zahmekoses

Plumas e Sardinhas

Just a simple game with horizontal scroll about collecting feathers and avoiding sardines.

Entrant: nitrofurano

Fan Mania

Play out with the fans and get the feather to the goal

Team: maral, wary


You are Icarus, trying to escape Crete by air, with the wax-reinforced set of wings that your father built.

Can you get the three golden trophys on each level?

Team: eltriuqS, Hila

The Lost Feathers

You control a boy and his bird named Py. Your goal is to recover Py's magical feathers, which were stolen by Evil Businessman.

Our website:

We couldn't get the sound effects in time, but you can download a version that contains them at our website (

This game was made using cocos2d and pyglet. You need AVbin if you want music playback.

Team: igordsm, alemart


We's got an angel. With a shotgun. That shoots tar. So things can be feathered.

And, apparently, our narrator sounds like an overly theatrical Scottish vampire.

Note: This game requires pygame 1.8.1+ to play.

Team: Red HamsterX, Arashi


solo entry. Hope ill' be able to complete this time as well :D

Entrant: gizmo_thunder

Sinister Ducks

Imagine a simplified version of the arcade classic 'Joust', but with more quacking.

Do not download from this page! The very latest version, with bugfixes, improved gameplay, and a hassle-free 'download and double-click' stand-alone Windows binary, lives at Sinister Ducks on GitHub.

Team: tartley, mjs0, millenniumhand, xtian


Pempenberd is a game about one foolish man's quest to get a sweet hat. Feat. gigantic procedural levels, birds.

Entrant: ZeuglinRush

Catch those feathers!

My first Pyweek :)

Entrant: Yangea


A side-scroller shoot'em up with a platformer element.

Entrant: Tee

Leaving Crete

Ever wanted to soar the skies and kill huge monsters with nothing but bare luck and skill? Icarus did, and he got his chance in this side scrolling 2D action game!
Thanks, Richard, for allowing late registration!

Team: cyhawk, bejus

A Murder of Crows

Crows are treacherous creatures...

Team: FatHat, ecoffey, Airbrett

yield None

  • — The previous version should work fine on any computer less than 5 years old. This version runs at full 30fps on my PIII 866mhz (except in minor cases). Also added fullscreen toggle with the f key.

Every surface obtained from a polygonal region by pasting its edges in pairs is homeomorphic to either the sphere, the n-fold torus or the m-fold projective plane.

Entrant: Pig

team strong

1 week of extreme programming:


1. Always begin and end with heavy deads;
2. 1 man on keys and at least 1 spotter - preferably two;
3. Hi fives on interchange, half hour legs; and
4. Never be afraid to fall off your bike on the ride home.

Team: jtrain, kburd


  • — Absolute final release of the platforming adventure.
It's time to kick rump and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outta gum.

Entrant: fibula


George is out videotaping birds, but forgot about all the traps he set to keep out intruders! Use your BB gun to keep George out of trouble...or be a little jerk and see how much mayhem you can cause!

Team: myke, jimbobpetemoss


Still planning on doing an FPS, no longer a solo entry XD

Team: timinge, RB[0], pymike, keeyai, nicolasbrown

RED -spider lily-

Lead Nozomi in her way to save her angel. You'll need to solve math expressions in order to progress (and also kill some bugs :D)

Entrant: killdream

Abbey's Grand Adventure

Queen Baddie has chased the Grand Phoenix from the land. Without the Grand Phoenix's protection the creatures of the land are turned into baddies too! Some of the Phoenix's feathers fell out while it was being chased. If you find them they'll grant you special powers!

This game is written using pyglet (so requires OpenGL), cocos2d and lepton.

Downloads: source, windows exe, OS X app.

Source downloaders will need to install lepton separately.

Entrant: richard


Oh no! Not dust bunnies! Anything but dust bunnies! As the freaky little goobers stream from under your bed, you must blow them into nothingness with the... Featherduster 5000!

Entrant: Nannerpuss

Grabber Giver Fixer Feather Plucker

Plucky plucker, don't pluck, you suck, play ducky and sing a nice song or you get the sock. Tamagotchi plus towers of hanoi.

Team: saluk, Galrin

Save the sneezing parrots!

Last minute entry, aim of the game is to gather feathers to reassemble exploded parrots before the time runs out.

Team: Mat, cav


This is managing and trading kind of game. You breed chickens. You have to buy them food, feed them, then sell, but also protect.

Entrant: godfryd

Fire Feather

First time pyweek entrant. Peder2tm and Killalot participated in Ludum Dare 12. This time we got a better team (with lundgaard) but limited time due to school and social life activities ;) The game concept is about keeping a feather airborne with a blowgun, while avoiding falling rocks. Pygame is required to run the source code.

Team: peder2tm, KillaloT, thomaslundgaard


Ubuntu build: HERE
High scores are HERE

Team: alia, smatts

John's Pillow Factory

2 programmers and 1 artist. We are back after pyweek 8 , now six months older and maybe wiser. John has a factory and his particular idea about how to make great pillows but it's not so easy: He needs to be fast and the birds don't like his buisness ...

Team: alex mansu, bart, Ripper92


My attempt at making another block game but with a small compromise towards production values.

Entrant: eugman

After The Fall

After The Fall: an exploration-based platform adventure rendered in a stark and haunting monochrome style. It features skeletal animation based on motion capture data, a world pieced together in CSG by our homemade level editor and a story told through the letters and objects left behind in an abandoned palace.

Team: Chard, Martin, adam, Abi

Longicorn: Enter the Mind of the Spirit Wolf

The Feather Horned Longicorn converts racial stereotypes into political stereotypes on his quest for spiritual enlightenment from the Spirit Wolf. Turn Indian Chiefs into Cowboy Reagans with magic dust and a maddening yet satisfying flying mechanic.

Team: devon, Zeroconf, Greeble