a very very early screenshot


Pempenberd is a game about one foolish man's quest to get a sweet hat. Feat. gigantic procedural levels, birds.


Golden Banana of Discord (Individual) awarded for highest standard deviation in ratings
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Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2.4
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 2.3

Respondents: 26


File Uploader Date
The contest version of pempenberd
ZeuglinRush 2009/09/06 16:48
ZeuglinRush 2009/09/06 00:22
Seamless tiles ARGH
ZeuglinRush 2009/09/05 03:05
a very very early screenshot
ZeuglinRush 2009/09/04 03:19
Random world map
ZeuglinRush 2009/09/01 05:00
title screen
ZeuglinRush 2009/08/30 23:49
ZeuglinRush 2009/08/30 23:48
Goal birds
ZeuglinRush 2009/08/30 23:47

Diary Entries

Pempenberd Lives

This is my first time entering a challenge like this. this ought to be interesting.

I spent most of this morning making sprites and coming up with a plan for the game. I decided that I wanted to take the strangest concept I could think of that was feather-themed.

Pempenberd will tell the story of Reginald Pempenberd, and his quest to become a pimp. Reginald has no idea what a pimp is, except for something about wide brim hats and maybe something to do with staying up really late. He's not really sure.

To get the sweetest hat he can, he goes off on a quest through the mean streets to find the mystical hatbirds, whose feathers are said to be completely awesome.

Basically, it's about an oblivious doof who runs around looking very suspicious and bothering birds.

A sprite sheet. the rows:
Reginald walking
Reginald yawning
Reginald jumping up and falling
Reginald blinking
Police walking
Police shaking stick
Classy Lady walking

The hatbirds. They will start off in an egg, which you do something to. Then they flip out and launch valuable feathers all over the place.


World generation

I want to make an exploration game, but I have no intention of making a huge level all on my own
I'VE ENLISTED THE HELP OF ROBOTS also a random map generator



No pictures today. Made a simple fractal system for making the individual rooms, but they're not guaranteed to be reachable, and they're not being drawn yet. Also moved the minimap into a small window onscreen, and made explored areas draw in green. Basically same shot as yesterday but smaller.

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Startin' to look just about right

Here's a closeup of some generated level data!

Next on the AWESM list of things to do is to make the tile connections between rooms seamless, then to get collision data from the world, then to start on mah favorite part, making the little mans do stuff.
PROTIP: you can see the minimap at the top left. AWSM

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I've just added a sort of debug view thing to look around at my level, and I've noticed that the levels tend to either show a vertical bias, with lots of climbing, or a horizontal bias, with lots of side-to-side. I didn't add this, so it's cool to see patterns coming out.

Got collision data working. I have made a physics engine in half an hour before so I'm not terribly worried about that.

What I am worried about is the fact that the seam-removal alg I have set up seems not to work. Because of the way my collision detection code works, this means everything is stuck in the same room. oh dear.

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Seamless rooms FINALLY

It may seem like a cosmetic change, but it's really important to how I'm doing collision. If the data for the edges is missing, stuff can't pass between rooms. ARGH.

I'm still on track fortunately. I've never made a random level generator on this scale, so I was expecting to spend most of the week on it. Not quite this much, but my game concept is so simple (EX the random levels) I should still have time to do stuff to things.

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wy it no werk

Main character in game. Looks great, but he falls through the platform and hangs by his hat. GAR. pencil and paper time.

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The wire: coming up to it etc.

Oh god there are like three hours left. and I'm still totally not finished. BARGH

let's recap:
Level generation is good (if boring)
you can walk around as the player
all the areas on the map are reachable
there are no enemies
there are no birds
there is no way to win

I think I allocated my time slightly wrong this time :L

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I'll probably make a postmortem at some point, but for now:

the game is under 20 kilobites!
the character physics worked correctly on the first try!
the levels are more fun to explore than I thought they'd be!
cool open world game!

no enemies!
no saving!
had to cut out the egg opening part!
really obvious collision detection edge case!
a rare case where it generates over 9000 birds in the map!

all in all, the AWESOM:FAEL ratio is about 4:5, so I'm happy enough for a first time entrant.

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