Pempenberd Lives

This is my first time entering a challenge like this. this ought to be interesting.

I spent most of this morning making sprites and coming up with a plan for the game. I decided that I wanted to take the strangest concept I could think of that was feather-themed.

Pempenberd will tell the story of Reginald Pempenberd, and his quest to become a pimp. Reginald has no idea what a pimp is, except for something about wide brim hats and maybe something to do with staying up really late. He's not really sure.

To get the sweetest hat he can, he goes off on a quest through the mean streets to find the mystical hatbirds, whose feathers are said to be completely awesome.

Basically, it's about an oblivious doof who runs around looking very suspicious and bothering birds.

A sprite sheet. the rows:
Reginald walking
Reginald yawning
Reginald jumping up and falling
Reginald blinking
Police walking
Police shaking stick
Classy Lady walking

The hatbirds. They will start off in an egg, which you do something to. Then they flip out and launch valuable feathers all over the place.

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totally cute hatbirds, can't wait!
Awesome concept :)