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Rise of Featherations

For a very long time the United Featheration (UF) spanned the whole globe of Poultry, one of the planets in the solar system Fowl. All was well until the citizens of the UF started to ask themselves where they were ultimately coming from.

The majority of the UF didn't bother with that after sufficent scientific explanations were found. However, two minorities kept their (religious) views on the origin of featherkind and eventually formed armies to enforce their beliefs.

And while the UF government is now desperately trying to organize something that hardly resembles an army, two new featherations prepare themselves to decide the one and only origin of featherkind.

Hen or Turkey - YOU decide!


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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.8
Production: 3.9
Innovation: 2.9

Respondents: 24


File Uploader Date
Windows version.
ServalKatze 2009/09/06 15:17
Final submission with bugfix. :)
ServalKatze 2009/09/05 23:11
Title Screen :)
Zahmekoses 2009/09/05 14:10

Diary Entries

Last ~10 hours - our status

Well, our first and probably only diary entry during the competition this time. To much to do besides PyWeek, a broken laptop and a theme where we had no idea for.

Feather was (as every elected PyWeek-Theme) our least wanted theme, but I'm quite happy with what we came up. The art is completely done and besides 1 sound and some smaller music scores the "sound department" is also done. Serval is still working on implementing some things, squashing bugs, etc. - but our game is quite complete.

Well, our AI is quite an AS (Artificial Stupidity) but if given time it can become quite dangerous (if you don't rush to attack it right at the beginning). At least there is a two player hotseat mode for some "real" challenges XD

More maps would also have been great, but meh - not enough time for this (stay tuned for our Pyggy version of this game ;o) - with neat features like... Level selection and more than two opposing featherations... and less bugs!).

So... we plan to upload our final entry in 8 hours, latest - maybe earlier.. we will see :) I'm quite astonished by some of the entries of the other participants and am eager to test these - but this has to wait for tomorrow XD

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Final submission! :)

This Pyweek was rather difficult because we didn't get any good ideas for "Feather" - except for a (desperate) pun on the word "federation". My idea was a plattformer where you help a dodo recollect his lost feathers (he was almost shot), but "Featheration" seemed nicer. And drawing feathers turned out to be easier than drawing plucked dodos. ;)

There are still some bugs with troop movement, but it should not break the game. All in all, it's a final submission!! Yay!

And now I'll get some sleep.

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Thanks. :)

Well... After the usual Pyweek struggle to get a game done ("Let's make a hex-based TBS." - "Uh.. okay........ How do I handle hex-maps?") and the usual effort spent on rating all entries ("But the README doesn't mention that this weird lib is required.." *grumble*) I expected our average game rating would be around 3.0 and we'd end up somewhere in the middle. As usual. Maybe a bit higher or lower - the middle is nice enough.

So when Zahme looked at the ratings I was really surprised when he said: "We're fourth." - "What?!"

Thank you for rating our entry and giving feedback. We'll try to complete the game during Pyggy, improve the UI, add more maps and a campaign. Hm.. I'd better think of a (good) way to implement campaigns and finish that map-editor as soon as I can.

So.. Congrats to the winners, thx for the fun and hope to see you all next time! ;)

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