PyWeek - Rise of Featherations [by Team zahmeKatzen] - feedback

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3 3 3

Impressive amount of work.

4 5 3

Good job on the polish here, guys: my only gripe would be that the interface is laid out such that you have to move the mouse back and forth a lot more than feels like it should be necessary. Mechanics are simple and comprehensible; it's only a shame that the AI isn't a bit more robust, since it means that the game doesn't have a whole lot of longevity. Didn't get a chance to try two-player.

4 2 3

5 3 4

Fun! Although it would've been nice to have some statistics on the units..

5 5 3

Maybe a bit light on the theme, but I still very much like the featherations spin, very funny :D A
good and polished game. A couple of different levels, and a bit more instructions on the
different armies, and finally internet game and this game could make it big!

4 4 3

I really liked the music and the old-school feel of the game. The first contact with troops movement wasn't pleasant, though. After 5 minutes of getting used to, it was quite decent. The AI in single user mode wasn't hard to beat. There isn't much innovation in the game, it's the old-school hex turn-based strategy. It was fun to play.

4 4 3

Now I had some good time playing this game, even though there was just one map and the AI wasn't really an AI lol

But nonetheless it was pretty enjoyable. Graphics were pretty decent too, simple but did they job really well ^^

Other than this I found strange that airplanes had the same move than other units, but it's not a really great matter. All in all, it was a great game :D

4 5 5

Really liked this a lot.

4 5 4

Considering the time restrictions, this was pretty impressively polished.

Having a more aggressive AI would have helped, though.

4 5 1

Very nice and intuitive interface except for the fonts being too small.
After a few turns, gold seems to be the only resource determining what can be bought.
Need more variation in the units (not just different attack power).
Victory screen included!
It wasn't obvious at the beginning that the other army was actually doing anything. It wasn't until I took over the city in the middle that I saw movement. I originally thought the game was unfinished and only had the "neutral" army.

5 5 5

Okay, the feather wearing a helmet riding in a tank has got to be the funniest thing I've ever
seen. I'm amazed by the details. Each of the hexes have names! Suggestion: I would have liked
the gameplay to either be simplified or made better use of. I don't think there need to be three
types of resources; I didn't really follow that anyway. One would have been fine. And if there
were only three unit types in a rock-paper-scissors configuration, it would let me actually
plan a strategy instead of just sort of building whatever. If you're expanding on this for
Pyggy, maybe the first level can be simple and later levels can add more units. Like in
Starcraft. Oh, and the menu system is very professional looking. I'm always pleased with your
contributions to PyWeek - they're clearly labors of love. And you don't use any fancy
rendering tools or libraries, you get by on personality and attention to detail. kthxbye!

2 3 3

A simpler troop control would be welcome

3 3 3

Seemed to be rather easy to win. Dark grey on black is not a good colour scheme -- hard to see what the different troop type symbols are meant to represent.

4 4 4

really good

4 3 3

A kind of game i need to learn to enjoy - anyway, this game needs improvements on everything to have it more addictive and eyecandy... But it's anyway a good kind of game to be present on the Python gaming scene, thank you!

3 4 1

Great stuff.

3 4 3

I think this requires a bit of a re-design! Too hard to work out which control does what, sorry
but not very pick-up-and-playable!! :( Although having said that, I worked out how to play and
it was pretty good.

5 4 3

What can I say? I'm a sucker for turn-based strategy. :)

4 4 2

Awesome game - I love TBS :)

3 4 2

Solid job. The I think it would work better with your move button over the right side near your build.

3 2 1

Strange how much I enjoy turn based strategy even in its worst form. Not that it's that bad, but there is nothing new or nice in it and the interface is painful.

4 4 3

The relative merits of the different units aren't that clear, but it's a fun game.

4 4 3

I didn't see any major problems, but there were a few little annoying issues that are almost certainly due only to lack of polish.

Some keyboard shortcuts to things like "move" and "build" would avoid having to move the mouse cursor across the whole board to operate on cells that are far from the buttons. (I was playing on a laptop with a silly touchpad thing instead of a mouse, which contributed to this being a problem.)

It would be nice to get some better idea about the relative strengths of different unit types. As far as I can tell, tanks and planes aren't worth their cost, but I haven't done an exhaustive survey, nor looked at the code.

There seems to be a bit too much randomness in the battles. Several times, my largish army was stymied for a number of turns by a single riflefeather while other times I took half the map with only two or three cheap units.

The resource balance seems a bit off. My limiting resource was invariably money after the first few turns and I always accumulated huge amounts of metal. This was the case even when I was trying to buy tanks and planes a lot.

Overall, a fun game. I'm really looking forward to future development.

4 4 2

Nice game! but the idea is not new.