Thanks. :)

Well... After the usual Pyweek struggle to get a game done ("Let's make a hex-based TBS." - "Uh.. okay........ How do I handle hex-maps?") and the usual effort spent on rating all entries ("But the README doesn't mention that this weird lib is required.." *grumble*) I expected our average game rating would be around 3.0 and we'd end up somewhere in the middle. As usual. Maybe a bit higher or lower - the middle is nice enough.

So when Zahme looked at the ratings I was really surprised when he said: "We're fourth." - "What?!"

Thank you for rating our entry and giving feedback. We'll try to complete the game during Pyggy, improve the UI, add more maps and a campaign. Hm.. I'd better think of a (good) way to implement campaigns and finish that map-editor as soon as I can.

So.. Congrats to the winners, thx for the fun and hope to see you all next time! ;)

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Congratulations, @ServalKatze!
Otherwise, i were not that lucky, but i must accept the rating of my game for several reasons: it were my very first pyweek, i still struggle a lot with python and pygame (even worse on other libraries, even installing them), spent too short time on warmup, didn't spent too much time on development and polishing and the resulting game at all. I expected 1.0 in average and got 2.12, not bad, considering it's the 6th worst game in around 50... i really must accept it humbly... thank you all! :)