Leaving Crete

Ever wanted to soar the skies and kill huge monsters with nothing but bare luck and skill? Icarus did, and he got his chance in this side scrolling 2D action game!
Thanks, Richard, for allowing late registration!


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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.7
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.1

Respondents: 26


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Icarus. Who else?
cyhawk 2009/09/06 00:49
Icarus again. Yet he moves!
cyhawk 2009/09/06 00:48
Icarus. The hero of our story.
cyhawk 2009/09/06 00:45
A monster. A squiddy monster.
cyhawk 2009/09/06 00:45
cyhawk 2009/09/06 00:25
Source package for all platforms
cyhawk 2009/09/06 00:20

Diary Entries

PyWeek vs Work in retrospect

Up until last week I was working from home all the time and putting work aside for a week was no problem last time. Going to work is new to me, and combining it with PyWeek was quite a challenge for my inexperienced self! I did some work on Sunday — I had a nice idea, drew some art and wrote a prototype. These were for three different games though :). I ended up with making a game from the art.
  • The prototype was for a game where you design a lander (scribble something with the mouse) that then enters an atmosphere that I simulate very precisely and the goal is to land with an acceptable speed (no control during landing). The simulation was not very precise in the prototype but it already used up way too much CPU.
  • The idea was a game where you start with a naked bird and you can place feathers on her in any pattern you like. Preferably different patterns would not just look different ("design your parrot"), but give you different abilities, etc.
  • The art was a flapping animation for Icarus (or an angel?).

So there, I made a kind of side-scrolling shooter with Icarus. Except that you can not shoot. But everyone else can :). Give it a try!

(This game brought to you by Richard, who magnanimously allowed my entry to be registered late!)