PyWeek vs Work in retrospect

Up until last week I was working from home all the time and putting work aside for a week was no problem last time. Going to work is new to me, and combining it with PyWeek was quite a challenge for my inexperienced self! I did some work on Sunday — I had a nice idea, drew some art and wrote a prototype. These were for three different games though :). I ended up with making a game from the art.

So there, I made a kind of side-scrolling shooter with Icarus. Except that you can not shoot. But everyone else can :). Give it a try!

(This game brought to you by Richard, who magnanimously allowed my entry to be registered late!)

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Just wondering, is this counting as a solo entry or a team entry? I see there are two people listed in the readme. I know the website decides what's a team based on how many usernames there are for it, but maybe there should be an exception if not everyone has a PyWeek account?
You are right. I wanted to register for her and make it a team entry, but I was already trying to register the entry too late and had to ask for Richard's help and did not want to trouble him even more. If it's still possible, and not too much work to turn this into a team entry, I would be indebted even more :).
You should be able to edit the team info to add the additional member. If you need someone registered with the site I can do that too.
Thank you Richard! Could you please create the account for her with these parameters?

Username: bejus
Email: [snip]

(As far as I see registrations are closed for now, so I can not do it myself — let me know if I'm wrong and I just overlooked a link, I have a tendency for that.)
@richard @cyhawk - please consider deleting the above message after getting it ready for privacy reasons (like spam, bots, etc.)
I'll note for future reference that my contact email address is at the bottom of every page on this site :)
Have added bejus.
Fantastic, thanks a lot!