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team strong

1 week of extreme programming:


1. Always begin and end with heavy deads;
2. 1 man on keys and at least 1 spotter - preferably two;
3. Hi fives on interchange, half hour legs; and
4. Never be afraid to fall off your bike on the ride home.


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Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 3.9

Respondents: 27


File Uploader Date
final submission
jtrain 2009/09/05 21:32
final submission screenshot
jtrain 2009/09/05 15:32
mechanic in progress
jtrain 2009/09/01 13:07

Diary Entries


kburd and I spent yesterday working on our new game:


Someone has built a windfarm directly in the flight path of
some common and rare birds. The birds, being creatures of 
habit (aren't we all), are unable to alter their flight path to 
avoid this potentially dangerous obstacle. It falls to you to
take up the blower/sucker to move them from their flight path 
to safety. Having saved many birds, you will earn a feather in 
your cap.

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Wouldn't mind adding some polish.

That would be great.

Uploaded a screenshot of the game. It shows:
  •  some flying birds;
  •  a fan (blue block) at the bottom of the screen;
  •  three wind turbines; and
  •  some status text near the top.
Here is to the only pyweek9 game (so far) certified to produce RECs. 

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Pleas atend sesion

featherinyourcap has gained a lot of polish over the last 24 hours:

* The artwork looks fantastic!
* I removed all the comments from the code to lighten the filesize a bit (ha!)
* Bonus/Awards are a fun part of the game.
* Music gives this game the lively feel that I always imagined that it should have.

Special thanks to Richard and helpers for putting on this comp.

A note about compatibility

I gave it my best shot (I really did) to get py2exe working but, at the moment things don't
look too good. Windows users (like myself) can just click on the run_game.pyw file and 

hope that you had:

Python 2.5 or 2.6; and
Pygame 1.9 


We are looking forward to playing all of your games. On reading some of
the posts, it looks like some really high quality stuff has been produced.

- jtrain and kburd