Pleas atend sesion

featherinyourcap has gained a lot of polish over the last 24 hours:

* The artwork looks fantastic!
* I removed all the comments from the code to lighten the filesize a bit (ha!)
* Bonus/Awards are a fun part of the game.
* Music gives this game the lively feel that I always imagined that it should have.

Special thanks to Richard and helpers for putting on this comp.

A note about compatibility

I gave it my best shot (I really did) to get py2exe working but, at the moment things don't
look too good. Windows users (like myself) can just click on the run_game.pyw file and 

hope that you had:

Python 2.5 or 2.6; and
Pygame 1.9 


We are looking forward to playing all of your games. On reading some of
the posts, it looks like some really high quality stuff has been produced.

- jtrain and kburd

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py2exe has some issues with pygame (at least last time I tried to pack with it the mixer didn't worked at all lol)

I'm using pyinstaller right now, and it's quite good. Also it packs all libs and stuff in just one .exe file which is kinda sweet :3

If you want to take a look at the project, here:
Thanks for the advice,

I looked into pyInstaller a few hours ago after reading your message. 
I couldn't get that working, but I re-tried py2exe. I uncovered almost every 
newby trap there is for freezing a pygame game:

* my path referencing broke when in an executable, 
 fix: added a check for when running as executable as per py2exe documentation.

* Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error: Contact your developer for more info!!
but I AM the developer! well I couldn't work this one out for a long time. I had 
built the exe in 'windows' mode not 'console' mode so I wasn't seeing the parachute
message that would have pointed me in the right direction. The error was a segfault
and it was related to the reliance of python system font (It couldn't find the font and I 
needed to package the font with my distribution.)

I've done some very bad things to get the exe working, but it works (albeit with less
testing than the original.) and I've uploaded it. I'm not considering this a 'final' upload
and I havn't labelled it as such. It is only provided for the convenience of those that 
would prefer not to install pygame + python - I think that the game looks better when not frozen.

some strange findings..

I did some very bad monkey patching of the pygame.font.Font module:

pygame.font._Font = pygame.font.Font
def MonkeyFont(name, size):
    path_to_default = data.filepath('freesansbold.ttf')
    return pygame.font._Font(name or path_to_default, size)
pygame.font.Font = MonkeyFont

# note that data.filepath comes with skellington.
I think i'm paying the price, all the sizing went out the window. Even though things
should be the same, right? Any ideas why my nice font sizes no longer look the same?