Nearly complete. May have no more time for coding, so sending it as final.


First time in PyWeek, my first game in Pygame, actually. Simple game about an angel losing feathers. Keep the angel in the air as long as you can, using chimneys making the angel soar, and clouds keeping the angel on its level. The name "tenshee" is basically "angel" ["tenshi"] from Japanese, changed to avoid confusion with a Linux tool.


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.4
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 3

Respondents: 21


File Uploader Date
Minor last minute changes.
mmkay 2009/09/05 13:57
More angel sprites and, finally, sounds.
mmkay 2009/09/04 15:20
Nearly complete. May have no more time for coding, so sending it as final.
mmkay 2009/09/04 15:17
New angel sprite, improved feather movement, no zero chimneys.
mmkay 2009/09/02 18:22
First final, minor changes. No sound yet.
mmkay 2009/09/01 18:26
Day 2. fps count added, new sprite for grass, feathers laying on the grass.
mmkay 2009/09/01 18:25
Version after one day of coding. No sound.
mmkay 2009/08/31 17:43
Day 1. No sounds right now, but the game is virtually playable.
mmkay 2009/08/31 17:37

Diary Entries

contest - day 2, coding - day 1

So, it's my first game programming contest. After eight hours of drawing and coding, there it is - the first version of Tenshee. I'm not the best graphics artist, so the game looks pretty raw.

It is playable, though. Of course, it needs a bit of touching up, and it doesn't have any sound. Bear in mind that it's my first game, and second useful application at all.

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Coding - day two

School has started so it's less free time now. I think I've already done most of what I'd planned, so only minor changes today.

  • Grass looks more like grass now (previous one was just a line drawn by pygame), but I must admit I'm not the best graphics artist.
  • Feathers don't fall beyond the edge of the screen anymore, now they stop on the grass. When the chimney appears where they lay, they start soaring. Maybe it's not the most realistic behaviour, but looks pretty fine.
  • Added fps count in the bottom left corner of the screen.
This version was submitted as the first final, just in case. There still are some things to be added, though, and the biggest one is sound. I can't play any of the instruments well enough, so the music will probably be some random music keyboard sounds. Anyway, some music is needed.

There still are some things to be decided on, like for example the "zero chimneys", chimneys whose "power" is 0. Leave them, or delete them?

Still thinking about some features to add, but don't actually know, what else might be improving the gameplay.

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Day three (4/7) - Minor changes

I have created a new angel sprite today and decided there'd be only one sprite for an angel - the "evilution" of an angel in previous versions was far too unrecognizable. Another thing changed is the speed of floating feathers - they're going up much slower now. The "zero chimneys" are non-existent now.

No screenshot today, changes are only minor. I'm wondering whether there will be any sounds in-game, regarding my composing speed :)


And there it is...

The "final" version.

Not the best game in this competition, but I've only wanted to create a little game - my first one, using python and pygame. All the features I've planned are present, though the sound can't be turned on again after turning it off. Regarding the game lasts only for one or two minutes, it's not that frustrating.

What next? Judging other entries, maybe creating the Windows executable just for the purpose of showing the game to less tech-savvy friends. It was fun, and I'm going to participate in PyWeek #10.

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A little tutorial

  1. You have to keep your angel in the air as long as you can.
  2. Use your mouse, moving it left or right makes the angel follow your movement.
  3. You can't move the angel up or down, it loses feathers, and it's lost the ability to fly freely.
  4. There is one way to move it up, though - you can locate it above one of the chimneys.
  5. As the angel is losing feathers, more and more powerful chimneys are needed.
  6. Clouds block you on their level, when you go into them. It may be useful when you're falling, but may block you from soaring upwards.
  7. When the angel touches the ground, you lose.

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