And then there was color


solo entry. Hope ill' be able to complete this time as well :D


Best epilepsy enducing animated GIF of DOOM.
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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 2.7
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 3.6

4% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 24


File Uploader Date
And then there was color
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/06 06:19
Adding README.txt to package
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/06 04:40
Buildings get filled based on where you splash..
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/05 08:16
Enabled FullScreen, Fixed collision Detection, added sounds
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/05 05:55
Splash of color when you kill enemies...
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/04 22:15
wind direction, flying enemies, walking enemies
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/04 22:14
Menu Initially.. the levels you have successfully completed look colored
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/04 22:13
enemy walking.. and feather falling...
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/03 02:53
Showing the change of Color
gizmo_thunder 2009/09/02 03:35
First Renders
gizmo_thunder 2009/08/30 19:45

Diary Entries

Themes Were hard to choose from

Never in the previous pyweeks did i have so much trouble selecting the order of voting.. had to think for quite a while before i could come up with the right votes.. :)

ps: just in case you were wondering.. this is just a diary entry to see if everything in my logins is working fine :D

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Preparing with the ToolChain

I've spent most of the day today trying to figure out how to create the art work required for the game ill' be making.. i've decided that ill' be making a 2D game with 3D renders.. so I have been looking at blender's options tinkering around with it.. to get the right data. I've still got this question about using opengl or pygame ... but most probably ill' stick with just pygame library. But this might change.. just in case.. i learn the glsl shaders usage in pyglet or pyopengl.

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System Configuration Doubt

I was planning on developing the game in opengl and was wondering if it is ok to assume that all the systems that the participants have will support pixel and vertex shaders.

These shaders are going to be important from the game play perspective as well so any suggestions about whether or not I should go with the shaders or just stick with basic pygame surface blts etc.

If the shaders cannot be assumed, i guess ill' stick with pygame's surface blts and make a 2D game.   


Considering This Art Style...

This looks pretty neat.. i am hoping to use this art style in my game..... tentatively  :D


de Feather

So here is the story / game im' going to be working on. I kinda tried incorporating all the themes in here :)   

Dudes with big eyes are draining all the color from the world. You are the god trying to bring back color to the world using the great feather as your paint brush. The pesky Dudes with big eyes are trying to destroy your brush using specially designed spaceships which have big scissors. So be prepared for not so good reception of your mighty deeds.Use the wind force to control your brush and bring back color to the world.

1) Control wind using mouse strokes. Larger strokes produce more wind than shorter ones.
2) Use downward wind to crush the Dudes with Big eyes. (this provides the color for your feather)
3) Click on the building you would like to color when the feather is over it to paint it.
4) Color the whole world and you move to the next level.

ps: As you can probably see from the name.. i've got the game idea from a game called de BloB and im' naming the game de Feather just as a tribute to the original game.


Renders of 3D models

First renders of the models i created for the Game... I think i kinda got them done pretty well :D

ps.. just in case you were wondering.. I used blender to create these models. And I got the brick textures off the net. And the buildings ofcourse are created using reference i posted earlier.   


User Controls Kinda Done

I've worked on getting the mouse controls done gestures to wind mapping stuff.. pretty much done.. i.e, the physics part. I've been obsessed with getting the art done along with the game so i've spent quite some time to get it right :)  tomorrow I have to work on getting the collision detection done.

No Screenies of todays work coz there isn't much to show off for a falling feather :p

ps: Lot of entries do seem to be using the wind control.. hope it doesn't become a feather in wind themed competition :)

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Made Some Progress

Almost accomplished the look of the game. ...
To Do list:
  1. Timer for Levels (decide on how levels will be put in, load from file?)
    1. Hud has to be done (along with timer etc)
  2. Menus
  3. Animation of coloring (can wait till other items are done)
  4. Background (sun, clouds, animation of color)
Kinda have to do a final push before every thing is done.. only 2.20 days to go :)


Beta Release.. (feed back plz)

Tried a different type of menu style.. every thing looks black and white.. but as you complete the levels, the menu get's colored.. indicating which levels you have completed.

You can see the indication on screen of the direction of wind blowing.. (you use mouse strokes to blow wind)

And Splash!! thats' how enemies die.. giving the feather it's color.. which you can use to paint the buildings with.
you can download the almost complete version from here


Game Almost Done

So here are the final features that are present in game right now..

1) wind control using mouse gestures (left to rigtht, right to left, down to up, up to down)
2) Squish the enemies with feather (with wind force) to get their color if you just touch them, you loose color.
3) Combine colors from enemies to create new colors. Paint the world with these composite colors to get more points.
4) Game keeps track of your best records (least time for level, max score)
5) Paint the world the way you want (different colors from enemies)
6) Has sound effects (very basic.. but they work, you might want to turn down the volume before testing)

Finally here is the Link if you want to try it out

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py2exe Script (copy to gamelib folder)

class MediaCollector(build_exe):
    def copy_extensions(self, extensions):
#        super(MediaCollector, self)
        build_exe.copy_extensions(self, extensions)

        # Create the media subdir where the
        # Python files are collected.
        media = os.path.join('..', 'data')
        full = os.path.join(self.collect_dir, media)
        if not os.path.exists(full):

        # Copy the media files to the collection dir.
        # Also add the copied file to the list of compiled
        # files so it will be included in zipfile.
        for f in glob.glob(os.path.join('..','data/*')):
            name = os.path.basename(f)
            self.copy_file(f, os.path.join(full, name))
            self.compiled_files.append(os.path.join(media, name))

py2exe_options = {
            'cmdclass': {'py2exe': MediaCollector}
                # [...] Other py2exe options here.
setup(windows= [''], **py2exe_options


de Feather is GOLD

As in It is in GOLD status... (ready to be shipped.. you know... as in games... ok what ever) 
The windows exe is up for download grab it now :D

ps:Posting this for facebook, coz it picked up my prev diary entry which is just a script :)

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