Beta Release.. (feed back plz)

Tried a different type of menu style.. every thing looks black and white.. but as you complete the levels, the menu get's colored.. indicating which levels you have completed.

You can see the indication on screen of the direction of wind blowing.. (you use mouse strokes to blow wind)

And Splash!! thats' how enemies die.. giving the feather it's color.. which you can use to paint the buildings with.
you can download the almost complete version from here

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Wow, that's really something! I'm very impressed. It's so frustrating to control, but I guess that's the point.

On the main menu, the levels are all out of order for me. And when I finish a level and go to the next one, it goes by the menu order. So after I finished lvl0.txt, it went to lvl5.txt. Also, the window is too tall for my screen (1024x600), but I guess I'll have to get used to that.
i also had difficulty to control the game on the earlier versions
1) aargh.. i did a os.listdir('') to load the levels in order.. i guess that screwed up the order of menu items :(
hmm interesting...
2) fullscreen window might help.. (will make full screen default in next upload)
3) Frustrating controls as in .. was it not responsive or did you not get the hang of it.. ?

thanks for the quick response.... man..
ok.. so if you have used gestures on firefox or any other browser... you should be able to pick up the game control pretty quickly.. draw long gestures to get better speed on feather... i hope this helps...
I really hope i don't have to change the whole user control module.. that would be really messed up..
keep the feedback coming guys.. thanks once again..