de Feather

So here is the story / game im' going to be working on. I kinda tried incorporating all the themes in here :)   

Dudes with big eyes are draining all the color from the world. You are the god trying to bring back color to the world using the great feather as your paint brush. The pesky Dudes with big eyes are trying to destroy your brush using specially designed spaceships which have big scissors. So be prepared for not so good reception of your mighty deeds.Use the wind force to control your brush and bring back color to the world.

1) Control wind using mouse strokes. Larger strokes produce more wind than shorter ones.
2) Use downward wind to crush the Dudes with Big eyes. (this provides the color for your feather)
3) Click on the building you would like to color when the feather is over it to paint it.
4) Color the whole world and you move to the next level.

ps: As you can probably see from the name.. i've got the game idea from a game called de BloB and im' naming the game de Feather just as a tribute to the original game.

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hm why not make a game about steering feathers in the air using mouse controlled air puffs. That's what I would do if I hadn't committed myself to doing a browser game =-P
hmm that's what i would do too.. if i hadn't committed myself to rip off the de BloB game :D i kinda love the concept of changing the way world looks on the fly... have been waiting to try it out for a  long time now.. Nice Idea though..Thank you :)   
Actually my first idea was about puffing air to drive feathers, but then I thought that everyone else would have that idea. I was right!  Wouldn't it be funny if everyone has that idea, but no one does it, because they think everyone else will?

de Feather - I like it :)
Oh god forbid two players doing similar games just because they intend to implement the same theme. Then their games would actually be comparable. I am shocked!