PyWeek - ThEdA_P9 - feedback

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3 3 3

2 3 4

Interesting game idea.

I really didn't like the control system. It wasn't intuitive and resulted in a lot of undershoots or overshoots. When I played the game on my laptop's touchpad, it was almost unusable.

2 3 3

Intereseting idea, but it got a bit boring to play after a while...

2 3 4

The controls could've been nicer.

4 5 5

I really like this game. The idea is interesting, moving the feather simple, but innovative, and mixing of colors... Sounds are OK, so is the art.

3 3 4

Nice idea, implemented pretty well. There could have been a little bit more variety (more baddies, more levels), but I think it was done well.

2 3 3

Interesting idea, but got a bit monotonous after a while

3 4 4

Nice graphics, this game was okay to play!

2 3 4

Fun for a while but repetitive after a while.
Interesting controls.
Too easy.
No mentions in the readme that the flying enemies are unkillable.
Winning the last level exits with an error (because there are no more levels).
Its hard to see the feather in front of the building when they are the same colour.

3 4 3

I very liked the progressive painting<br>
Maybe is me, but the gestures control seems to imprecise.<br>
Yes, feathers are like that, but I would ratter prefer a bird with WASD or arrows controls.

3 5 4

Your production is really quite amazing for a solo entry. Love those building and character designs. I found I could never keep a color as long as there were any more groundlings left: they'd walk into me too fast. This means I was never able to paint a level more than one different color, which was kind of unsatisfying. I was also never able to get secondary colors.

3 3 4

Interesting concept

3 3 4

I crushed the enemy (level 1) but don't know what to do next...

3 3 3

Feather meets the blob! Good stuff. Would make an awesome kids game

2 4 4

nice idea, but it does not feel like a game right now

2 2 2


2 3 4

This game were a promise of a really awesome game, but has some mistakes which affected it a
lot... i expected some joy on playing, and more harmonic graphics...

1 4 4 yes

I can't give a fair rating to fun since, for whatever reason, this game was programmed to assume a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Upon booting, it goes full-screen and limits me to being able to see only the top part of the field, preventing me from actually completing any levels.

3 3 4

The music cut out after 3 or so bars! left the level in silence most of the time. Also it kept painting and 'unpainting' the houses with a single mouse click! :(

2 2 2

I expected better based on the description and the screenshots :(. Controlling the wind is really very unresponsive (it only has four directions and also a large delay). Better controls would help tremendously, but might still not be enough to save the game. The gameplay is too simple. The level selection screen looks good, but then it does not show how you've painted the level (just a random coloring), so you do not get the same sense of creation.

4 5 4

Very nice graphics.

3 3 4

Played and finished the game. Liked the mouse stroke control for the feather.

2 4 3

Intriguing artwork -- disappointing that more wasn't done with it.

3 4 4

Great idea, nice presentation. The only thing I miss (for more fun) is a little more challenging levels (the later levels are just placeholders, I suppose). And my hand hurts from all the mouse strokes, but that can't be helped..

4 4 4

Quite a good idea. Liked the graphics and tone of the levels. Controls could have been better (diagonal gusts?). Was very difficult to paint the buildings more than one colour.