September 2022 challenge: “The Red Planet”

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Mission Cobra-2

Welcome to the command post of Mars Mission Cobra-2! You need to take control of the colony, build bases, extract and process natural resources, and use them to construct a rocket to launch to Mars's moon, Phobos. Watch your resources: run out of food or oxygen and the colony will perish! Good luck!

A game by Team Daring Devs!

Requires: arcade, scipy, numpy


  • Control the game using the mouse
  • Click to select options from the build menu and place them into the map

Credits: All game code, 3D models/artwork, music and most sounds were developed by the team during the jam. Credits for additional sfx and fonts in the

Running the game:
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python src/

Game Soundtrack:

Team: mit-mit, BeautifulReques, Pega, Peter312

Race for the Red Planet

Race for the Red Planet

This is a space ship arcade racing game with gravity-based physics.  You will need to accelerate to turn and to overcome gravity of the obstacles.  Fly through the checkpoints while avoiding the obstacles to complete a race and then you can try to improve your time, racing against your personal best line/ghost.  We're excited to hear how fast people are able to complete the maps!


There is a tutorial in game to introduce you to the controls as well.

W - Accelerate Forward

A - Strafe Left (mouse steering) or Turn Left (keyboard steering)

S - Backup

D - Strafe Right (mouse steering) or Turn Right (keyboard steering)

R - Respawn at the last completed checkpoint

Left Shift - Boost (while you have available boost)

Backspace - Open in-game menu/Pause

Up/Down arrows or W/S when in menu - Select menu item

Enter/Return when in menu - Accept menu selection or toggle selection


  • pyglet 1.5+
  • Pillow 9.2+ for faster image loading (optional)

To install dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the game



Q: Game Crashes/Freezes

A: On some platforms (such as Linux and maybe Mac), pyglet's audio library crashes while using OpenAL.  We've included a setting to be able to play the game with audio off.  You should try to toggle the audio in the settings menu in-game to avoid audio causing crashes or freezes

Q: How do I use the menus

A: W/S and Up/Down arrows can change menu options.  Enter/Return may be used to select an option or toggle a setting

Q: What controls are best

A: We really liked mouse controls, and found them much easier than keyboard A/D turning controls.  However, if you're playing on a trackpad, you'll probably want to go into the settings in-game and change to A/D turning.

Q: I get motion sickness from the camera springiness, is there a solution to that?
A: Yes, we included a toggle for that in the settings.  With camera spring turned off, your ship will be locked to the center of the screen. 

Team: Quikli, JRichey2SwiFt

tasty red bean simulator

Set on a red planet similar to the planet Mars of our solar system, and having been recently exiled from your home planet, you work at a restaurant specializing in red bean desserts. As the planet is an arid place, though not without its own thriving ecosystem, these sweets are well-received among the locals. The locals are silvery creatures with tempers so singular that caution must always be advised when around them, especially when an incorrect order or an ill-advised work attitude could result in instant death.

Should you desire to try this arduous trial,
be advis’d to think quick and to move quick,
choose the stove, beans, sugar, water, and click,
then if you prepar’d the correct order,
the silv’ry creatures exit with a smile.
Go behind the counter swiftly my friend,
to the kitchen where you will meet the end.

Composed all music, drew all art, and wrote all code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Entrant: speedlimit35

Alien Marsbowling

Ist egal ob wir(oder ich) gewinnen, Hauptsache wir haben Spass!!!

Soll es so sein wie es wird!

Viel Spass😎!!!

PS: Ich Programmiere mit: Pygame Zero (Mu Editor)

Entrant: Tilo8

Cookie Monarch

On 27 June 1984, Cookie Kingdom sent a spaceship to their neighbour planet to introduce their newfound cookies. However on the way, spaceship crashed into a meteor and fall into the red planet.

Fortunately, Cookie Kingdom already sent a backup spaceship to the red planet if anything unexpected happens. Help the cookie man to find their way on to spaceship so cookie man can escape!

Team: testroyer, Phonem, RauC0de

Martian Madness


Team: vinam, hsp

Planet's End

Realizing the Potential of the Post-Apocalyptic Genre

For unknown reasons, a great calamity has befallen the red planet, causing waves of burning meteors to rain from the skies. Evade the meteors if you wish to live another day in the physical world. And note, that only with a spirit as immovable as a mountain, and legs as quick as a flash, may one see to surviving this ordeal.

Use arrow keys to move.

Entrant: Apex

Spaceship Odyssey

We code

Team: realhuman, mayahkg

Krunked Aliens

We are new programmers wanting to be in a game jam!

Team: Pega, Luke8414, poopmonkey, turtlepig, PyAsh, Parker_L

Red Planted

Installation instructions:

  • Download the macOS app or Windows exe and run directly (all dependencies are bundled)
  • Alternatively (Linux, macOS, Windows), download the "Cross-platform Python script package" and make sure you have Python >= 3.8, PyGame and PyOpenGL installed via: "python3 -m pip install PyGame PyOpenGL" (on macOS) or "py -m pip install PyGame PyOpenGL" (on Windows) or "sudo apt install python3 python3-pygame python3-opengl" (on Debian/Ubuntu)

Running instructions:

  • For macOS app and Windows exe, just download, unpack, run
  • For the script package, download, unpack, then run "python3" (on macOS and Linux) or "py" (on Windows)


  • Left mouse button -- click on things (see in-game instructions and tutorial)
  • Scroll wheel / touchpad -- navigate around the red planet

Support / troubleshooting:

  • Reach out to "thp" on the Python Discord (#pyweek-game-jam channel) during the judging period for installation support and troubleshooting


You are the gardener of The Red Planet, the best source for homeplanet-grown space tomatoes!

Your life is nice, you harvest space tomatoes all day and cut back plants to make sure new plants can sprout and flourish.


The devilish space flies are on the case again, and would just LOVE to steal your space tomatoes that you worked so hard to nourish and grow. So you better use your trusty fly swatter to get rid of them.

In summary, you have to:

  1. Harvest space tomatoes (click on them)
  2. Cut back old plants to let new tomatoes grow (click on the plant roots)
  3. Swat away any flies when they enter the red planet's orbit (click on them)
  4. Make sure you keep the whole planet in view (mouse wheel / touchpad scroll)

So yeah, scrolling and clicking, scrolling and clicking. Good luck, commander! Erm.. gardener. Space gardener? Good luck, in any case!

Team: thp, Claus, DerPhysikeR, pyrrhull, lcnittl


Entrant: cheesej

Astral Red

Astral Red, a moddable open world game!

Download Red file, unzip it, and run to run the game. Make sure to use Python 3.6 or above.

Make sure to download the requirements (pygame, pyautogui) with pip before running the game.
You can click the "Tutorial" button to start the tutorial and then start the game!

-About Astral Red:

You are an astronaut abandoned on a random planet in the cosmos.
You need to defeat all the enemies to be able to move to the next planet.
Fight enemies and explore until you are so strong no one can defeat you!

-How to Play (in case you don't want to do the tutorial):

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.
Left Click to bring up your pistol and then left click again to shoot.
Bullets go in the direction which your character is facing.
Press E to open your inventory and E or ESC to close it.
You can move items around by double clicking them (same like in Minecraft).
To use items click on the slot of the item and then click the "Use" button at the top.
To open chests left click on a chest and press the "Take" button while selecting a slot to take that item.
To buy items left click on the merchant (where you spawn in) and select the item you need and click the "Buy" button at the top.
You get money by killing enemies or finding it in chests. (Note that you need to click "Use" on the money in your inventory after taking it from a chest)


You can go into the assets/json folder and modify any of the json files in there!
You can add your own unique enemies, items, or npc's following the templates in the json folder.

Entrant: JustAnotherCode


I am a student and part time/freelancer and write Python from time to time. I am here to make a game from start to finish and to improve my self-esteem. Lets make dreams come true and best of luck to all participants of this week


A week later and i didnt actually manage to finish my game.... but oh well. Better luck next time.

Please do not download and run this expecting any kind of gameplay loop. I am uploading it simply for myself
and archival purposes... and my dear friend who i gave my promise to upload this whatever it ended up being

-Forward: W
-Direction: Mouse pointer
-laser: LMB
-Turbo: left shift

How to run:
-Install Python and requirements in requirements.txt.

Entrant: SaaHar

Red Water

  • — The final version of my game. Due to lack of time, I managed to make only one level, but I hope you like it!

Entrant: aleksan149

Dr. Farb's Huepocalypse


Dr. Hugh Farb, you've *really* done it this time!

Your wavelength dimensional convolver has overloaded... breaking color itself! All the color is starting to drain out of the world, starting with the lower frequencies.  I never thought I'd have a use for this word, but it's... a huepocalypse!

If you don't fix it soon, the entire planet will turn red!  We think all color might drain out of the entire solar system--not that we'd notice, as we'll all be dead by then.

You're going to have to put on that silly silver color stabilization suit and run out and fix everything! Good thing you're such a gym rat--all that cardio and parkour is going to come in handy!

Dr. Farb's Huepocalypse was written by Larry Hastings and Dan Pope in September 2022 for the PyWeek 34 game programming contest.

How To Play

Huepocalypse is written in Python 3. We used Python 3.10 during development, so we'll assume you're using that version.  (Though it's possible other versions work fine.)

  • Use Python to create a virtual environment called venv. On Mac/Linux, use python3.10 -m venv venv to create it. On Windows, use py -3 -m venv venv to create it.
  • Activate the venv: source venv/bin/activate on Mac/Linux and venv/Scripts/activate.bat on Windows.
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt in that virtualenv/venv to install the dependencies.

Run to play! Run python on Mac/Linux, and py -3 on Windows.

If you exit this venv, or attempt to run the game from a different shell, you'll need to "activate" the venv again in that instance of the shell.  If you forget to activate, the game will complain with a

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'wasabigeom'



Huepocalypse is a platformer game. You control a scientist named Dr. Hugh Farb.

Your goal is to finish every level. Every goal has some objectives:

  • You must collect all the floating gems. Just touch the floating gem to collect it! Some levels may not have any floating gems.
  • * You must kill all the monsters. You must shoot a monster to kill it. Be careful, monsters will kill you! Some levels may not have any monsters.

Once you've collected all the floating gems and killed all the monsters, you're ready for departure--but you have to get to the departure point. This is a little door that opens when it's ready to send you to the next level.

You have infinite lives. So, you've got that going for you.

Platform mechanics

Movement features of your character:

  • Run! In two deluxe directions--left and right!
  • Not merely a single jump, not for you! You get a double jump!
  • Wall slide and wall jump! Jumping from a wall slide restores your second jump.
  • Coyote time! If you jump immediately after falling off a ledge, or pushing away from a wall, you'll be rewarded with getting your double jump back. But be quick--it's a very short window!
  • And new for 2022: coyote time warp speed! If you're holding left or right when you execute a jump during "coyote time", you'll immediately warp to full speed in that direction!


Color plays a big role in the Huepocalypse. There are six colors:

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • purple

Each of them can be toggled on and off in various ways.  And when a color is turned off, all the platforms and walls of that color disappear! They only come back when you turn that color back on.

(Gray platforms are super safe--they never disappear on you.)

But it gets more complicated! When you turn on or off one of the three *secondary* colors, it also affects the two related *primary* colors:

  • orange also affects red and yellow
  • green also affects yellow and blue
  • purple also affects blue and red

When you turn off orange, you turn off red, orange, and yellow!  And when you turn orange back on, you turn red, orange, and yellow all back on at once!

(Though it doesn't go the other way--toggling red doesn't affect orange or purple.)

Oh, I almost forgot! There's one more wrinkle. The blue and purple colors are even more unstable than the rest. I'm afraid that you can only turn them off for short bursts. Then they pop back on all by themselves!


You'll see the following sorts of objects and terrain in levels:

  • Platforms! They're all over the place. Not sure how they stay up like that.
  • Pass-through platforms! These platforms are thinner than normal and a little see-through.  You can jump up through them from below! Maybe it's old fashioned--I think this was first popularized nearly forty years ago--but sometimes the old ways are the best ways.
  • Color switches! These are little colored pedestals that can  turn a color on or off. You activate a color switch by touching it--or shooting it!
  • Colored platforms! These are platforms that disappear when you turn a color off--and reappear when you turn the color back on again. But you better be careful--if you're inside a colored platform when it reappears, you'll die!
  • Checkpoints! These little mushroom guys save your current your current location. If you die--egad!--you'll reappear at a checkpoint. Checkpoints look like mushrooms--I'm not sure why, that's how they came from the cfactory. The shiny red pressed-in red one is your current checkpoint, and all the other ones are more brown and tall and skinny. Checkpoints also remember the current state of all the color switches, so be sure to touch one pretty often!
  • Jump restorers! Touch one of these green diamonds while in the air, and you'll get *both* your jumps back! Did someone say octuple-jump? I swear I heard someone say octuple-jump.
  • Springboards! Just touch one of these little plungers, and you'll go shooting up into the air like a firework! Luckily for you, you don't also do the explody bit at the end. Or, at least, I don't think so.
  • Signposts! Just walk by one of these signs to read it. It won't even slow you down! But maybe you should read it anyway. It just might have something interesting to say!

And there are even sometimes things for you to pick up, like:

  • Gems! These floaty blue things have something to do with fixing the color problem. I'm really not sure--all I know is, you have to pick up all of them before you can leave the level. Just run up and touch one to collect it! You might need to jump a little.
  • Color actuators! These look like colored tubes. They give you the ability to toggle a color whenever you want! Only lasts through the end of the level.
  • A shiny new Whitegun! This is a gun that shoots the color white. Use it to whitewash Monsters out of existence. You can also shoot color switches! Pity you can't take it with you when you exit a level.

But it's not all good news. You'll also see:

  • Monsters! Little brown frowning circles--with red eyes! You have to kill all of them before you can leave--and the only way is by shooting them. But be careful, if you touch one it'll kill you!
  • Spikes! If you fall on them you die! Well, there's one exception: if you jump up through spikes from below, you'll pass through them safely!

Oh, I almost forgot! And we've saved the best for last. One last bit of terrain:

  • Every level has one gen-u-ine patented departure point! Once you've killed all the monsters and picked up all the gems, the departure point will become active! Just enter the little door to be whisked away, off to your next adventure.


Platforming controls:

  • A or Left arrow to run left.
  • D or Right arrow to run right.
  • Space to jump.
  • Enter to shoot.

Number keys toggle a color, if you've picked up the correct color actuator:

  • 1 to toggle red.
  • 2 to toggle orange.
  • 3 to toggle yellow.
  • 4 to toggle green.
  • 5 to toggle blue.
  • 6 to toggle purple.

And you can use Ctrl-Q to quit at any time.

Secret Command-Line Flags

If you want to skip the tutorial and just play the challenge levels, run the game with the -c or --challenge flags:

python -c

And if you want to jump to a particular level, just specify the unique part of the level's filename. All the level files are


So, to jump straight to "Go Hunting", you'd run

    % python3 go_hunting

Have fun!  Now go save the world already!

Team: mauve, larry

The Red Planet

The-red-planet is an story based move 2D game.

Entrant: Quarzon07

The Blood Planet

Welcome to the Mars Secret Lab!
You are a government-bred parasitic organism on Mars with a unique ability to inhabit and control humans. Your goal is to escape from this lab using your super power. Every time you leave a person, he dies. Go through this puzzle with great care and think over your every step - after all, you have only one chance, if the guards notice you, then the game will end and it will be possible to start it again only by restarting it completely.


  • pygame


  • A, D - move the character
  • W - jump
  • E - use character
  • Q - shoot

All code, all character models, levels, music and sounds are made by True Expanded Legendary Great Madmen.

Team: WonderWaffle4, ItsHimReally, vorkleinad, arsyred, dimm0909, _underdog_, Mango, Real_homelander


GitHub link:

Play online here:

"We didn't hear from them after the sandstorm"

Investigate the red planet.

How to run:

1) make sure you have ursina installed. you can install this with: pip install ursina

2 run it with: python

How to play:

A and D to move

Click on rocks to shoot them.

Click on white circles to use the hookshot and move to them.

There's only two levels and is not a very long game. Hope you enjoy it regardless.

Entrant: pokepetter


New to pygame still learning. Second time at PyWeek. Hoping to have good time :D

Entrant: Nikrat

Alien Dash

a PyWeek 34 entry, Alien Dash.

a little 2d platformer game about dodging aliens, made by two 14 year old python nerds (pros).

Team: Qwerty, Cope

The Martian Thirst


Agent Wierie is sent to mars to figure out why the colony there lost all contact, but is immediately attacked on arrival! What is happening here?

Made by

Made with

Team: rdb, fireclaw, zwerver, Simulan


Hero image of Outward

Outward, an idle clicker game with a twist.

* About *
You're heading out, away from earth due to the nearing death of the sun.
Your destination? The red planet! (at least for a short time)

During your stay, you need to gather resources and people to survive your trip to other parts of the galaxy.

* Manual *
To start the game, run the binaries (coming soon) or run directly from source. Description for running from source can be found in the repository.

To play the game, you only need your Mouse.

Start a new game from the main menu.

In the main game view, you'll see various panels displaying different details.
The top left panel displays information about your current economy stats like current amount of resources and production per week (in game)

The right panel gives you buildings that  can be built during your stay on mars. Each building takes a different amount of time and resources to build.

The bottom panel enables you to do economical actions like trading and scouting the nearby area for resources. Sending traders and scouts requires resources but if you're lucky yields a larger amount of resources in the end.
Note: Sometimes scouts may not find anything on their journey and return empty handed but still required resources for the trip.

After your one year stay on the red planet, you'll hopefully have gathered enough valuables to outdo your opponents and save yourself a place in one of the outer systems of the galaxy, far enough away to flee from the dying star that once was known as our sun.

* Sources *
The sourcecode of outward is hosted on github:

Also, don't miss out on this other pyweek project I've been part of:

Entrant: fireclaw


You're flying through space, and suddenly your course changes. Red lights are flashing everywhere, and suddenly… You’re on an unknown planet, with little information on how to escape. You have limited oxygen… Can you escape this hostile environment?

Team: Glitch752, slashtechno, Mikeymoo

Quack TD

Quack TD - Defend your HQ from crazy lil aliens on the surface of red planet!

Check game Trailer video!

Dear Game Tester,
  • Inspect source code at github.
  • Check documentation.
  • If you find bugs, have any guestions or just want to give feedback, you can tag us at pyweek channel or join our Discord.
  • If you want to cheat and get more money for towers, press i for extra money.

Turtle Duck ltd.

Team: MrTanoshii, Yodag, jems, Gamerssassin, Alt_chemist, mihett05, Jeb, Krzysztof

From Blue to Red

  • — Earth isn't the place to live anymore people have become cyborgs and they travel all over the space with their spaceships they fear no alien no threat but they must prove themselves to be worthy enough but the question is are you? Show
From Blue to Red

is a simple survival 2D game it's fun and challenging

The story begins when humans have destroyed earth and they have nowhere to live so humans turn into cyborgs and live freely in space in spaceships each spaceship has a leader they are called boss they are the leader of the pack of their own if anybody wanna join a pack they must pass a test in a dangerous planet called The red planet 

You play as someone who's trying to get into a pack but you have to come out of red planet alive well because if you don't survive then how the heck can you join the pack when you are dead

Team: Izanagi, random_GhR


Simple Roguelike game

Entrant: Zed-Hanok

Xastro in the Xplanet

Xastro has crashed into the Xplanet.  Evil aliens are out to get him.

He must defend himself using robot shields before the aliens get to the bottom
of the screen and kill him. Xastro must use shields to stop the aliens.

Move Xastro using the arrow keys. New shields appear automatically.  Xastro can move
the shields around. Xastro can pick up a shield by going to the shield and hitting the "space"
key and then take the shield to the desired location and drop off the
shield by hitting the "space" key.  Shields degrade when hit by aliens and
after 3 hits the shields are completely destroyed.

There are a total of 165 aliens. To win Xastro has to stop all 165 aliens.

Be sure to go through the story of how Xastro ended up on Xplanet.

Team: smoktwix, Doger, Pykemon010

Ares Firma

The young planet Mars is covered with oceans. Use solar radiation to boil them off. Do it quick, before life evolves and takes over! Check out the README for full controls and options.

There are 5 quick stages to introduce the mechanics, then a challenge stage, and a final optional bonus stage that's a little more fast-paced. The goal in each stage is to reduce ocean cover below 1%. There's no save game, but see the README to skip between stages as desired.

Completing the bonus stage doesn't get you anything but a score. Can you get lower than 1000 millionyears?

I recommend at least finishing the tutorial and trying the Challenge stage before rating the game. This should take about 5 minutes of gameplay.

How it fits the theme: This game depicts the story of how Mars became the red planet.

Requirements: pygame and numpy

Entrant: Cosmologicon

Space Chopper!


The Martians are invading because they are sick of Earth leaving their space trash on their planet. You are Magnus, an ACE space chopper pilot. You must defend the earth, then bring the fight to mars. You want to shoot down UFOs and land to pickup civilians and fly them to the helipad. You can only carry four civilians at a time. Make sure to pickup civilians gently! Space Choppers are heavy when they crash into people.

## Controls & How to Play

W / Right Trigger: Increase Throttle

S / Left Trigger: Decrease Throttle

A / Left Joystick: Pitch Left

D / Right Joystick: Pitch Right

Space / Gamepad X / Gamepad RBumper: Fire

E / Gamepad A: Forward Thrust

Q / Gamepad B: Reverse Thrust

1 / DPad Left: Machine Gun

2 / DPad Right: Missiles

Arrow Keys / Right Stick: Change Direction

0: Reset Chopper

Team: FatHat, Airbrett

the wrong planet

Oh no! I only just noticed the prompt and I'll never be able to get to mars in time!

Unless of course I could find some experimental anti-gravity tech somewhere...

Entrant: Cody

Project Aries

Project: Aries 


You are a space ranger sent to Planet 8134-F to scope the planet for suitable locations for your civilization to exist. Unfortunately, a group of interstellar ravagers have tracked you down and are plotting to steal your resources for themselves.

Put an end to your adversaries as you find your way through the hostile lands of what's about to be your new home. The challenge will only get more difficult as time ticks.

How to run the game locally?

  • Clone the repository
  • CD Over to the directory
  • Install poetry using pip install poetry
  • Install dependencies using poetry install
  • Run the game using python
Known Bugs

  • Game doesn't work on Linux since Windows was used for the development of the project
  • You can try to run using python Project-Aries if you get a FileNotFoundError
  • If you get ModuleNotFoundError, you can either manually install arcade, or rename to inside the Project-Aries folder, and run it directly from there (fix suggested by Ian O#1140)

Game Mechanics and Controls

You have to dodge all the enemies and cactus elements on the ground, while also trying to shoot the aerial enemies to survive for as long as possible. The speed of the game will increase as you survive for longer

  • SPACE/UP Arrow to Jump
  • Q to shoot

Attribution for the resources

  • Kenney ( for most of the resources
  • Bevouliin Gaming (for the crawler)
  • Robert Brooks(for the protagonist)
  • for the background and ground

Team: BlackPanther42, AfterChange


Avoid incoming meteors. You can only move once per beat, though!


LSHIFT+SPACE - Move left
RSHIFT+SPACE - Move right

NOTE: The game currently has a couple of issues and may not work as expected. It is also incomplete. (Click here for more information.)


Hi, guys! This is the second PyWeek I am participating in. With the feedback I received last time, I am looking forward to do better this time. I will probably stick with Pygame Zero or just go with Pygame itself. Wish me all the best! :-D

Entrant: ProfessorCode

The red planet: The planet of the King

Please see for game info.

Come visit our PyWeek 34 Discord channel for help with the game. (The link in the README is stale.) This channel will be available during the judging period.

Team: DR0ID, gummbum

Catch the Ketchup

The well-known space company SFAC (Super Famous Astronauts Corporation) found an anomaly inside the Andromeda Galaxy: a gigantic quantity of food invaded an unknown red planet...They immediately sent out an expedition, but what they saw after is almost unbelievable... A PLANET MADE OF KETCHUP?!?

After various missions and studies about the invaders, it has been discovered that they're only vulnerable to... ketchup itself. They've sent you there to kill as many aliens as you can, prove yourself to be worthy.

For more information check out the project readme.

Team: LorenzoPapi, lollo


Play as a lone mercenary sent to wipe out a research labratory. Dodge through bullets in tight claustrophobic fire fights, and make sure you don't hit the windows or the air in the room will be sucked out leaving you and your adversaries gasping for air.

Entrant: DragonMoffon

The retro red planet of risk

I haven't had a chance to look at Pygame before this week(!) and have never made a game before, so my sole aim was just to make "something" and to learn how to use Pygame a bit.

Entrant: smithy

Red Dust

A card-based strategy game where you hunt down worms in the Red Planet.

(Not too happy with how the gameplay turned out for this one, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.)

Entrant: Tee