Race for the Red Planet

Race for the Red Planet

This is a space ship arcade racing game with gravity-based physics.  You will need to accelerate to turn and to overcome gravity of the obstacles.  Fly through the checkpoints while avoiding the obstacles to complete a race and then you can try to improve your time, racing against your personal best line/ghost.  We're excited to hear how fast people are able to complete the maps!


There is a tutorial in game to introduce you to the controls as well.

W - Accelerate Forward

A - Strafe Left (mouse steering) or Turn Left (keyboard steering)

S - Backup

D - Strafe Right (mouse steering) or Turn Right (keyboard steering)

R - Respawn at the last completed checkpoint

Left Shift - Boost (while you have available boost)

Backspace - Open in-game menu/Pause

Up/Down arrows or W/S when in menu - Select menu item

Enter/Return when in menu - Accept menu selection or toggle selection


  • pyglet 1.5+
  • Pillow 9.2+ for faster image loading (optional)

To install dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the game



Q: Game Crashes/Freezes

A: On some platforms (such as Linux and maybe Mac), pyglet's audio library crashes while using OpenAL.  We've included a setting to be able to play the game with audio off.  You should try to toggle the audio in the settings menu in-game to avoid audio causing crashes or freezes

Q: How do I use the menus

A: W/S and Up/Down arrows can change menu options.  Enter/Return may be used to select an option or toggle a setting

Q: What controls are best

A: We really liked mouse controls, and found them much easier than keyboard A/D turning controls.  However, if you're playing on a trackpad, you'll probably want to go into the settings in-game and change to A/D turning.

Q: I get motion sickness from the camera springiness, is there a solution to that?
A: Yes, we included a toggle for that in the settings.  With camera spring turned off, your ship will be locked to the center of the screen. 


Presented by Makonede

Presented by MrTanoshii

Great news everybody! The Martian Express is participating in a space race
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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 4.2
Fun: 4.2
Production: 4.4
Innovation: 3.9

23% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 13


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