Final Version Gameplay

Red Planted

Installation instructions:

  • Download the macOS app or Windows exe and run directly (all dependencies are bundled)
  • Alternatively (Linux, macOS, Windows), download the "Cross-platform Python script package" and make sure you have Python >= 3.8, PyGame and PyOpenGL installed via: "python3 -m pip install PyGame PyOpenGL" (on macOS) or "py -m pip install PyGame PyOpenGL" (on Windows) or "sudo apt install python3 python3-pygame python3-opengl" (on Debian/Ubuntu)

Running instructions:

  • For macOS app and Windows exe, just download, unpack, run
  • For the script package, download, unpack, then run "python3" (on macOS and Linux) or "py" (on Windows)


  • Left mouse button -- click on things (see in-game instructions and tutorial)
  • Scroll wheel / touchpad -- navigate around the red planet

Support / troubleshooting:

  • Reach out to "thp" on the Python Discord (#pyweek-game-jam channel) during the judging period for installation support and troubleshooting


You are the gardener of The Red Planet, the best source for homeplanet-grown space tomatoes!

Your life is nice, you harvest space tomatoes all day and cut back plants to make sure new plants can sprout and flourish.


The devilish space flies are on the case again, and would just LOVE to steal your space tomatoes that you worked so hard to nourish and grow. So you better use your trusty fly swatter to get rid of them.

In summary, you have to:

  1. Harvest space tomatoes (click on them)
  2. Cut back old plants to let new tomatoes grow (click on the plant roots)
  3. Swat away any flies when they enter the red planet's orbit (click on them)
  4. Make sure you keep the whole planet in view (mouse wheel / touchpad scroll)

So yeah, scrolling and clicking, scrolling and clicking. Good luck, commander! Erm.. gardener. Space gardener? Good luck, in any case!


Gotta catch them all
Presented by Jeb

Pesky Alien Bugs
Presented by MrTanoshii

My Precious Tomatoes
Presented by JRichey2SwiFt

Keep on swatting
Presented by Quikli

Exemplary extraterrestrial insect design looking like "Earth Birds"
Presented by speedlimit35

Ingenuity Memorial Award for Best Effort in Monochrome Planetary Bodies Utilization
Presented by hop

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.9
Fun: 3.8
Production: 4.1
Innovation: 3.8

Respondents: 19


File Uploader Date
Windows EXE (PyInstaller)
thp 2022/09/11 11:40
Cross-platform Python script package (needs Python 3 + PyGame + PyOpenGL)
thp 2022/09/11 09:23
macOS application bundle (PyInstaller)
thp 2022/09/11 09:17
Final Version 0.6 with some additional tweaks
thp 2022/09/10 23:18
Final Version Gameplay
thp 2022/09/10 23:17
Tutorial / Instructions
thp 2022/09/10 23:16
Main Menu
thp 2022/09/10 23:15
Version with fancier main menu
thp 2022/09/10 14:25
Version 0.3 with main menu and tutorial and other niceties
thp 2022/09/10 14:08
Version 0.2 (Prerelease)
thp 2022/09/09 23:48
A more final pre-release version
thp 2022/09/09 23:33
Incomplete trial version
Claus 2022/09/09 09:10
WIP Screenshot (Thursday Evening)
thp 2022/09/08 20:51
WIP Screenshot
thp 2022/09/07 13:14

Diary Entries

Development Diary on Github

We haven't been posting anything here, but development is documented over at Github here:

Red Planted - Development Diary

A few more days to go!

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Final touches

We are at a point where the game is finally taking shape. There's now an intro screen, a winning and losing condition and even a pause toggle.

Game interaction animation

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Animated Cursors are more fun

To make the mouse interaction even more fun, added some special cursor animation states (when pressed, the image changes):

New Cursors!

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Main Menu and Tutorial added

To make it easier to navigate, a main menu and tutorial should help the first-time users get introduced to the game and stuff.

Main Menu

And a tutorial that looks like this:

Tutorial (first page, there are multiple pages)

The deadline is coming up quickly. The quality of the code goes down, as the focus is on pushing in all the features, not making the "cleanest" implementation. The game does work quite well in recent playtesting session, and the small things added in the last days add a lot to the experience (in our opinion).

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Final Submission done

We did some additional tweaks still, and the final release build is now available for download. We had lots of fun this time around, and are happy with the results. We're probably going to write a postmortem at some point, but now it's time to rest a bit :)

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macOS packaging using PyInstaller

Today is packaging day. Documented all third party artwork sources properly (we had notes, but now the list is complete, with only the artwork that remains in the final game release). Also, used PyInstaller for the first time to create a (hopefully self-contained) app bundle for easy running the game on macOS (this release has been uploaded as well, but you can also get the "source" release and run it with your local Python 3 (+PyGame + PyOpenGL):

macOS packaging

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PyWeek 34 Retrospective

As part of our monthly Python User Group meetup at the local hackerspace (Metalab), we had a small retrospective on PyWeek 34 and our entry, "Red Planted". Claus thankfully took the reins and give his personal view on developing the game and what worked and didn't work during the one-week development of Our Little Game. His slides are available on Github. I'm impressed that we have such a nice "paper trail" of documentation, as I've already forgotten some of the things that happened during PyWeek, and having old screenshots, old discussion entries and such really helped give a clear picture on how we developed the game.

Or to quote Claus' summary: "It was awesome! Let's do that again."

A little less than two days to go for trying out our game and leaving feedback. Looking forward to what everyone has to say :)

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