PyWeek 34 Retrospective

As part of our monthly Python User Group meetup at the local hackerspace (Metalab), we had a small retrospective on PyWeek 34 and our entry, "Red Planted". Claus thankfully took the reins and give his personal view on developing the game and what worked and didn't work during the one-week development of Our Little Game. His slides are available on Github. I'm impressed that we have such a nice "paper trail" of documentation, as I've already forgotten some of the things that happened during PyWeek, and having old screenshots, old discussion entries and such really helped give a clear picture on how we developed the game.

Or to quote Claus' summary: "It was awesome! Let's do that again."

A little less than two days to go for trying out our game and leaving feedback. Looking forward to what everyone has to say :)