Astral Red

Astral Red, a moddable open world game!

Download Red file, unzip it, and run to run the game. Make sure to use Python 3.6 or above.

Make sure to download the requirements (pygame, pyautogui) with pip before running the game.
You can click the "Tutorial" button to start the tutorial and then start the game!

-About Astral Red:

You are an astronaut abandoned on a random planet in the cosmos.
You need to defeat all the enemies to be able to move to the next planet.
Fight enemies and explore until you are so strong no one can defeat you!

-How to Play (in case you don't want to do the tutorial):

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.
Left Click to bring up your pistol and then left click again to shoot.
Bullets go in the direction which your character is facing.
Press E to open your inventory and E or ESC to close it.
You can move items around by double clicking them (same like in Minecraft).
To use items click on the slot of the item and then click the "Use" button at the top.
To open chests left click on a chest and press the "Take" button while selecting a slot to take that item.
To buy items left click on the merchant (where you spawn in) and select the item you need and click the "Buy" button at the top.
You get money by killing enemies or finding it in chests. (Note that you need to click "Use" on the money in your inventory after taking it from a chest)


You can go into the assets/json folder and modify any of the json files in there!
You can add your own unique enemies, items, or npc's following the templates in the json folder.


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.3
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 3.4

Respondents: 12


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