silv'ry creature

tasty red bean simulator

Set on a red planet similar to the planet Mars of our solar system, and having been recently exiled from your home planet, you work at a restaurant specializing in red bean desserts. As the planet is an arid place, though not without its own thriving ecosystem, these sweets are well-received among the locals. The locals are silvery creatures with tempers so singular that caution must always be advised when around them, especially when an incorrect order or an ill-advised work attitude could result in instant death.

Should you desire to try this arduous trial,
be advis’d to think quick and to move quick,
choose the stove, beans, sugar, water, and click,
then if you prepar’d the correct order,
the silv’ry creatures exit with a smile.
Go behind the counter swiftly my friend,
to the kitchen where you will meet the end.

Composed all music, drew all art, and wrote all code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yummy Yummy In My Tummy
Presented by Pykemon010

I didn't know this was a horror game
Presented by Doger

I didn't need sleep anyway
Presented by MrTanoshii

cute drawings
Presented by Apex

Presented by Jeb

dedicated Chef Bean
Presented by BeautifulReques

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Overall: 3.7
Fun: 3.9
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 3.5

Respondents: 17


File Uploader Date
silv'ry creature
speedlimit35 2022/09/10 18:08
you will make red bean food in this game
speedlimit35 2022/09/10 17:59
tasty red bean simulator
speedlimit35 2022/09/10 06:48

Diary Entries

day 4....

it is day 4 already but I just started.... I don't know if I can finish this time

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day 5

made some good progress today. I have a playable game now, but it's not very fun. I would like to add a boss battle in the next 2 remaining days. Hopefully I will still have some time to add some more of the stuff I want.

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day 6

trying to figure out boss mechanics. will do tommorow.

today i worked on cutscenes, music and decorations.

I think I improved a lot from last time and I'm surprised what I could make in 3 days so far (starting 2 days late).

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day 7 - finished

just finished my game. worked on the ending sequence and boss today.

please let me know if you have any issues here!

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