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Outward, an idle clicker game with a twist.

* About *
You're heading out, away from earth due to the nearing death of the sun.
Your destination? The red planet! (at least for a short time)

During your stay, you need to gather resources and people to survive your trip to other parts of the galaxy.

* Manual *
To start the game, run the binaries (coming soon) or run directly from source. Description for running from source can be found in the repository.

To play the game, you only need your Mouse.

Start a new game from the main menu.

In the main game view, you'll see various panels displaying different details.
The top left panel displays information about your current economy stats like current amount of resources and production per week (in game)

The right panel gives you buildings that  can be built during your stay on mars. Each building takes a different amount of time and resources to build.

The bottom panel enables you to do economical actions like trading and scouting the nearby area for resources. Sending traders and scouts requires resources but if you're lucky yields a larger amount of resources in the end.
Note: Sometimes scouts may not find anything on their journey and return empty handed but still required resources for the trip.

After your one year stay on the red planet, you'll hopefully have gathered enough valuables to outdo your opponents and save yourself a place in one of the outer systems of the galaxy, far enough away to flee from the dying star that once was known as our sun.

* Sources *
The sourcecode of outward is hosted on github:

Outward (github.com)

Also, don't miss out on this other pyweek project I've been part of:



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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.4
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 2.8

2% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 13


File Uploader Date
Source release
fireclaw 2022/09/10 07:57
Linux binaries
fireclaw 2022/09/10 07:54
Windows binaries
fireclaw 2022/09/10 07:53
Outward Logo
fireclaw 2022/09/08 14:05

Diary Entries

Doing the fancy stuff

Hey everyone,

after about 2 days of active development on outward and no time for presenting it, it's time to get a bit more public about it.

Most of the game works fine, the builds are good and everything is up nice and tidy in a repository as can be seen on the entry page.

There are some minor things left to do, that I have in my mind, but if I don't get to them the game's still enjoyable.

It's also my first released project, that I tried to do with the newly in development game editor FRAME which uses the Panda3D game engine.
While using it I noticed a few things that still need improvement and some bugs that would definitely need to be fixed before an official release.
All in all it was quite helpful nonetheless.

Currently the game's only available as source code but pre-built binaries will come very soon for you to try out.

Additionally I also helped out in another project of friends of mine which can be found here: https://pyweek.org/e/GMars/

I hope everyone will enjoy both projects in the end of pyweek.

Until then, have fun and keep on coding!

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Last day for this project

Alright, I'm done with this. Files are up and everything should work.

There may be some balancing enhancements and features left open but since I won't have much time over the weekend and the game is in a very playable state I call it a day and finish this up.
After all, you can run it quite well next to whatever you want to do since it's pretty much an idle clicker game where you just need to click ever few minutes after you initially got into it.

I hope you enjoy it! ^^

I'm still open for any kind of feedback so don't hesitate to come back to me. Some time for minor bugfixes should be available if you encounter any.

All the best and good luck everyone in the last few days.

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