What was going to be the start screen image


Play as a lone mercenary sent to wipe out a research labratory. Dodge through bullets in tight claustrophobic fire fights, and make sure you don't hit the windows or the air in the room will be sucked out leaving you and your adversaries gasping for air.


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Overall: 1.8
Fun: 1
Production: 3
Innovation: 1.5

80% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 2


File Uploader Date
What was going to be the start screen image
DragonMoffon 2022/09/09 02:08
Game version 0.6. Unless I get more motivation this is it.
DragonMoffon 2022/09/09 02:05

Diary Entries

Good Luck everyone. I'm signing off.

Rather unfortunately even though I am currently on break for work and school I have too many other responsibilities that are taking up my remaining time, and I have lost the motivation to crunch and get the game completed. So I have made my final submission. Unless I get more motivation and some time to myself this is it.

Goodluck everyone else!

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