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Cookie Monarch

On 27 June 1984, Cookie Kingdom sent a spaceship to their neighbour planet to introduce their newfound cookies. However on the way, spaceship crashed into a meteor and fall into the red planet.

Fortunately, Cookie Kingdom already sent a backup spaceship to the red planet if anything unexpected happens. Help the cookie man to find their way on to spaceship so cookie man can escape!


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Overall: 2.1
Fun: 2.1
Production: 2.1
Innovation: 2

38% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 8


File Uploader Date
Game files
testroyer 2022/09/11 08:07
Game setup exe
testroyer 2022/09/11 08:05
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testroyer 2022/09/10 21:30
Cookie Escape
RauC0de 2022/09/10 21:26
RauC0de 2022/09/10 21:24

Diary Entries

Been to hell and back

I thought the game was due to tomorrow but when I woke up today and saw the count down, I nearly had an heart attack. I canceled all thing for today and began on working.

The situation was miserable the game wasn't even half complete. I had use all my time and talent to finish the game and now here you have the sloppiest game of all time. It's really uncertain what to do. There are hell of bugs and gameplay is unbearable. But I had enough I've worked on this for 11 hours excluding other days and I'm pretty bored of this.

I'm actually satisfied with the result I learned pygame for this contest and made 2 games in like 2 weeks. I had school starting this week so I didn't have much time for doing coding on weekdays but I sent it on Saturday. My game(s) might not be the prettiest games out there and they might be frustrating to make but as frustrating as it is it's also very fun to make games, find and fix bugs, enjoy the moments and the happiness when you get a bug fixed, being surrounded by good teammate(s) and most of all being part of this organization

Thank y'all

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My Short Experience

Hello, I'm the graphics designer of this game. Actually i never had any experience in pixel art, this was my first time making pixel art. But i never thought it would be this great. This project found me a new hobby and im very grateful. If you want to see my pixel art works, here's my pixilart page:

I learned a lot of things in pygame during these 3 weeks its very good proggress.

Even though its just 1 week, it was like a month for me. I'm never going to stop coding and pixel art. I hope we can join pyweek 35 as a team once again! There are a lot of things we had to delete to send it until the deadline so were going to make a 2.0 where we will add everything we wanted to the game. heres the Git for it:

follow my youtube:  (disclaimer: i make game videos in this channel)

my alt channel where ill make python and pixel art videos:

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Hi everyone, I'm an another programmer worked on this project but had to have a break because of travelling to Canada. I hope you enjoy this game; it's our first game project on PyGame and it was a lot of fun to do. I believe that our team made a good job and you will like it. I believe that this is a real team project and we have some support from other people that is not in our team so wanted to mention them. You can find the "real" git project and look at the commit history to understand the project better here:

Hope you enjoy!

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