My Short Experience

Hello, I'm the graphics designer of this game. Actually i never had any experience in pixel art, this was my first time making pixel art. But i never thought it would be this great. This project found me a new hobby and im very grateful. If you want to see my pixel art works, here's my pixilart page:

I learned a lot of things in pygame during these 3 weeks its very good proggress.

Even though its just 1 week, it was like a month for me. I'm never going to stop coding and pixel art. I hope we can join pyweek 35 as a team once again! There are a lot of things we had to delete to send it until the deadline so were going to make a 2.0 where we will add everything we wanted to the game. heres the Git for it:

follow my youtube:  (disclaimer: i make game videos in this channel)

my alt channel where ill make python and pixel art videos: