Pyweek #24 challenge: “They're behind everything”

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        Rodentopia is a game about a colony of mice living inside a pantry, starving, dying and cold.

        One day, they devise an evil plan to take over the kitchen of this random guys house (For now, we'll call him JerMajesty Jackson, son of Jermaine Jackson.). They then set out on an epic adventure where they conquer the distant realms of far off lands (ex: The Fridge, The Cabinet, The Bag of Oreos that your parents put just high enough so it's out of your reach). They do this all for a good purpose, of course, to feed their starving colonists. They then must defeat the Guardian of the Kitchen World, THE CAT.

        Oh and guess what, you get to be the mice, hiding behind, yes, that's right, EVERYTHING! Every cabinet, every drawer, every bag of Oreos, anything you can imagine!

Disclaimer: I'm a weird person, so don't judge me...

Entrant: OrionDark7

Fell Blaster

Single screen arena shooter. Don't touch anything or it's game over!

Entrant: fydmyster

They're Behind Everything!

You are a detective, trying to solve many conspiracy mysteries. Can you put the evidence together to discover what happened?

Due to lack of resources, game is unfinished and barely even a game. You can kinda see the concept though.

F11 (Mac: Command+Shift+F11) to Fullscreen. Running it from source requires python 3.6 (other 3 versions might work) and the future package (pip install future). This game packages its own version of pyglet that has my bug patches (I'm very salty about losing an hour to fixing pyglet).

Probably the best thing about this is the library of useful things I built on top of pyglet. You can check it out in the source under core/lib/. I will clean it and upload it later.

It includes:
  • Class for a "board" of sprites that can be panned and zoomed (in the game, everything you see is held together by a single board).
  • A better keyboard input callback library (Instead of having every function that needs access to the keyboard register under on_key_press, the library only calls your function when it is a key you asked for)
  • Image loader that you can give an anchor point to (like center, or bottomright)
  • Half a library for the mouse to interface to the board

Andrew is a guy who does languages. Peter is a guy who does music. Chelsea does quality control. Naturally, we were born to make games.

Peter participated in PyWeek 23 but this is Andrew and Chelsea's first PyWeek. We had hoped to make a functional game instead of a tech demo like last time but oh well.

Team: pmdevita, Narelanus


Navigate a dark environment evading the blind monsters that lurk in the dark. Your family is missing and you're not leaving any of them behind. Search the buildings for the other two missing members of your family, and drag them to safety.


  • WASD moves your guy
  • Mouse cursor adjusts vision range
  • E opens doors and windows
  • R breaks open those that won't open normally

Make sure to admire the graphics.

Entrant: shundread


Gather coins and run to the exit.

Entrant: PyJ

cANT2: The Hidden Threat

The story of a man and his chips, and the vermin who would come between them. When the gloves come off, baby, it's mano a mandible.

Audio performance
Please see the note in README.txt about temporarily disabling the sound card's audio enhancements. This very brief guide is meant to improve the listening experience with pygame (SDL).

Tuning and hacking
  • Some settings are provided for ease of tuning and testing. See README.txt for some details. These variables are found in the Tunables section near the top of
  • The master volume is maxed. If you want to lower it choose a value below 1.0.
  • If the dark levels bother you, adjust the ambient color tuple, higher values for more light. Or set it to None for full lighting (potentially helpful if the dark levels run too slow on your computer).
  • If you want to reduce or increase the difficulty of the boss level (5) there are a few variables provided.
  • The hero stops walking in order to use his weapons. This is a design decision. We implemented strafing, but we thought it was overpowering so we disabled it in the final release. The default behavior is significantly more challenging and requires greater tactical thinking. If you want to enable strafing set the variable to True.
  • Fullscreen option is provided in, but not tested.
  • Custom display resolution is not tested. It is safe to predict it will not scale the space correctly.
  • The various entity templates can be tweaked. But who would wanna do that? :)
  • The various font themes can be tweaked.
  • See the note in README.txt for startup_context and startup_level. These are provided for quick access to game areas, like oh, the boss level. :)
  • You can design your own levels by editing the levels list in There is already a dev-sandbox level #6. You can get quick access to additional levels by setting startup_context and startup_level in If you post your Python code for a challenge level in the comments we will try it. :D

Team: DR0ID, gummbum

Just Read the Instructions!

ERRATA: "left button" and "right button" are swapped in "the instructions". Leave it to me to make such a mistake. Sorry!


That old game you bought, way back when...
It came with an instruction booklet, full of information. Some of it mundane, like "press LEFT to move left". Some of it quite helpful, like "press SELECT to rearrange menu items". And some of it beautiful: with low-resolution graphics, the paintings in the booklet primed your imagination, told you what to see in the pixels.
Nowadays, manuals have fallen out of favor. The games themselves contain tutorials, and designers strive to make even those tutorials unnecessary.

This game strives to bring back some of the charm of the old instruction booklets. Relive that feeling of suspense as you turn the next page, and apply the new skills to the game in front of you.

It doesn't have pictures – a week was too short. But it is colorful, once you open it.

(Before you open it, anything colorful is a bug.)

Entrant: encukou

Battle Critters

I'm busy with other things this Pyweek, but I managed to make some time to create this little game. :)

Battle Critters is a puzzle/strategy game in which you reveal tiles and discover whether they are your allies or your enemies. Your goal is to reveal all tiles and have only your allies remain in screen. The revealed tiles must be carefully chosen as you only win battles if you have more creatures than your opponent's group.

Entrant: Tee


A today wave has decimated the San Diego zoo, unleashing the animals.

Now they are rampaging the city and only you and your band of intrepid friends can stop them.

Fight back waves upon wave of deadly foes.

But wait ... why are they attacking in waves? Somebody must be behind them, organising them, for their own nefarious ends.

Who could it be? 

(Requires python2.7 and pygame)

Entrant: paulpaterson

Fairy Kingdom

It is up to the fairies of the subterra to guide the mindless mushroom folk to glory. Well, more likely just basic survival.

You supervise the growth of a mushroom colony in a procedurally generated cave. Help the mushlocks find food, build houses, and deal with marauding orcs for as long as you can.

Turn based god game.

Entrant: thyDungeonSean

Ministry of Truth

To create a game is to define truth in your very own Matrix. Yet how many of us design utopias?

Entrant: mgrazebrook

Bing the robot

Being a planetary exploratory rover is not easy. After a while, some stuffs break down. As, for example, the brake and the direction gear of Bing, the courageous robot you control.
Just give him the correct direction, and it will run in straight line until it bumps against an obstacle.
Be smart, use cleverly the obstacles, and help Bing get out of all the levels, without getting stuck or even worse.

Tips for the judges:
The main game mode ("play") has 18 levels, divided in 3 chapters, with 4 cut scenes (before each chapters + last one).
If you don't want to play all the levels, you can go to "profile" and change your profile for one of the already existing ones.
showcutscene: after selecting this profile and clicking "play", you will see all the cutscenes in a row.
skiptochapter2 and skiptochapter3: you will start at the first level of the chapter 2 or 3.
skiptolastlevel: you will start at the last level (level 6 of chapter 3).
Each of those profile also allow you to do practice play ("practice" in the menu).

Entrant: cauch


This is a maze game that you must find your way out of. In each maze there are two mini-games which require some skill. One is matching words and colors. If the word matches the color, click true, otherwise click false. The other game makes you put all the numbers in a sequence. They are both negative and positive forcing you to count up or down. The minigames are times.

The idea came from an ideation session with our team. The game seems like a very good tool for children ages 6-12 to match words with their meanings quickly, and to sort numbers from least to greatest quickly. the maze requires some thinking and memory to get through, especially at the higher levels. And remembering the four digit pin will require a little work while trying to find your way through a complex maze.

The levels get more difficult as the game goes on, so the game is progressively more challenging. There are 70 maps and they are semirandomly chosen so the game is different every time. The mini-games give you less time and have more questions to solve.

Good luck and have fun!

Team: Unicorn Markets, sxzdsn, nathanzhang3, marksman, xsun40

Planet Duel

Pick up a fight over your own piece of a space rock against oponent (whether it's a computer or other player) by firing homing missiles and staying safely behind your planet.

Entrant: tito

Faraway Near

Faraway Near is an infinite runner platformer action game. There is a story mode, which also acts as a tutorial. After completing the story mode, the endless mode is unlocked. There's a couple new things in endless mode, but mostly it's stuff you've already seen. If you progress far enough, the landscape changes colors around you and the action speeds up.

If you restart endless mode, you will get a head start equal to 1/2 your current high score.

If you get to 160 meters in endless mode, you've seen everything there is in the game. I suggest you at least finish the story mode to get a feel for the game before rating the game. If you find story mode too hard, see the --speed option in README.txt.

If you don't know how to extract a tgz file on Windows, see this post.

Entrant: Cosmologicon


The “HackerBot”: the cybernetic tool of a secret society bent on world domination through the theft of valuable data from rival organisations (they’re behind everything!). 

"HackerBot" is a 3D stealth game in which you control a little hacking robot trying to break into a space-based installation and steal data. You can "hack" into (and take control of) more powerful NPCs in order to help complete objectives (hence you're behind everything!).

Requires pygame, numpy and PyOpenGL (sorry, needed for 3D).

Windows users installing PyOpenGL: see installation notes in readme.txt.

BUG FIX: Updated source distribution and Windows version contain a bug-fix and remove unnecessary dependance on GLUT.

Playthrough Videos:

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

Game Website:

Entrant: mit-mit

My Sincerest Apologies...

A game of fun, shooting, and "I'm sorry to put you through this".

A fabricator robot on Mars was supposed to make a bunch of robots! But it got lazy and made robots that could make other robots. And it made them smarter than they should have been. Now they've all gone off and hidden away behind various tanks and computers.

Happily, he knew how to construct *you*, a simple fighting robot. It's your job to clean out each area!

Team: mauve, larry


Entrant: LeopardShark


  • — Not a real game. Just something to show we worked on it.
Behind the scenes.

Team: typhonic, jrrickerson, luther

No Entry

I packaged my game into .apk file, so you can install it on Android device. However, it is not perfect, maybe a lot of bugs :) Say sorry about it, I suggest you installed the kivy (official site) and then run my source code :) To run the game, download the zip file here, or try from my github then unzip the file and run I promised it is less buggy.

Well, I do not package it successful for windows, hard to say linux, macos, ios, etc. I am new to kivy, even I have used it for half a year, and I really know nothing about packaging.

About the game itself, it is a tower defense game, just drag towers on the map, I think it is not hard to play, and I really want to get your comment or suggestions about my game.

Good luck to all of you, my entry is 'No Entry', hope you will enjoy it ^ v ^

bugs on android I have found:

1 No chinese language, if press the 'EN' button at left corner at Title Screen, it exit, just crash. I do not know why.

2 No video, after Title Screen, no video played, only the texts shows. probable need ffpyplayer.

I have to say that I make a big mistake, the android system bar is at the top, so it is very hard to operate the towers, it will be activated, and also the button is too small to operation, pad would be better, but most people would use phones :(

Entrant: xmzhang1

Defender of the Mind

Do you feel like you're being used as a guinea pig?
Are you afraid, your children being brainwashed in school by someone?
Who is drugging us, and is using radiation on us to control our minds?
Who uses psycho surgery and reprograms peoples' whole personalities?
Of course you already know the answer to these questions.

The government does this.

They are behind everything!

So be prepared and take control back into your own hands.
Cause you are the..

Defender of the Mind.

Entrant: Alzi

Beyond the game

Game info :

This game is a classic 2D platformer with some arrangements based on a cool script.
You can do all the classical platformer stuff (move, jump ...)
But also (if enough time) : Push/throw/climb objects
And most important the possibility of empowering all your classics actions.

Random stuff :

Our first experience about creating a game in such a short time.
Can almost say our first experience as creating a game seriously !

The Plot :

*You just have been kidnapped and you wake up in a strange place by hearing the voice of a robot ?*

Voice: "Hey wake up ! You have been chosen to become a new mechanism of this world !"
You: "Ehh, what ? Where am I ?"
Voice: "In a private training field dedicated for the mechanism trainee !"
You: " Mechanism mechanism ... What do you mean by this ?"
Voice: "Muh ? Did you really think that all the <<automated>> stuffs in the world were really automatic ?!"
You: "Of course it is ! I don't get your point ..."
Voice: "You are so simple ... All this world works because of mechanism guys doing all those <<automated>> actions with their hands and feet"
Voice: "Even the earth itself, How do you think it turns around the sun ?"
You: "Because of those mechanisms ?!"
Voice: "Yup ! True"
You: "No that's impossible !"
Voice: "Humm, you are starting to bore me ! You should start this training field !"
You: "Or what ?"
Voice: "I will kill you !"
*Voice enlightened a place containing a bunch of corpse*
You: "Well I think I will give a try !" *Laughing*

This place is crazy ! It cannot be true, it must be some kind of sect !
I will follow his leads for now, but I have to find a way to escape.

Credit :

 * Ninja sprite :
 * Tileset :
 * Pyramid Level - Songs From An Unmade World - Visager :

Team: Shyzuna, PatatasFritas

We're So Sorry...

  • SoSorry.tar.gz — Final entry: a v. v. v. small experiment in writing nes-era rpgs
A tiny retro-rpg about death and rebirth

Entrant: adjunction


The year is 2017, something weird is happening and the only way to stop it is...

I guess you'll just have to play to find out.

Lightly influenced by distant memories of "The Beginners Guide", this is not nearly as good.  In fact it's not even good at all, but it works, and that's something I'm irrationally proud of.

This is my first ever PyGame game, and my second ever game, so please be kind.  I would say it's a mix between whack-a-mole and and some demented maze.  All I ask is that you come with an open mind and an agile cursor.

All of the pictures are reuse with modification from Google Images, the music is original by Brett Ericson for this project (you'll get it when you hear it), and the sound effects are royalty free.

Also, I'm terribly sorry, I can't remember Brett's username and he has fled the country, please forgive me.  Nevermind found it.

Team: amne51ac, The2ndSamurai


It's time for some MicroPython games. For most of the last year I have been working on a simple python-based game console ( and I decided to make a new game for it as a part of this pyweek. Don't worry, you don't need to build your own, I will also write an emulator, so you can play the game on your computer too. I will be using CircuitPython, a flavor of MicroPython developed by Adafruit, and by necessity the game will need to be quite minimal.

Entrant: sheep

The Rule

Shooter game requiring a bit of thinking - Edit: not that much actually

Important note:

The game was coded for Python3

Here are 3 lines to change to make it work with Python2.7:

Line23 of ./thorpy/gamestools/ change nfull = math.ceil(life*self.n) to nfull = int(math.ceil(life*self.n))

Lines 0 of ./ and ./ add the line: from __future__ import division

Entrant: YannThor

A mad race

  • A mad — My humble attempt at creating a game has come to an end... can't call it a "game". I did learn a lot though, considering the fact that i'm new to python and pygame...
contemplating human life... thats my way of saying i don't know what to write in description

Entrant: Ahmad-Shafique