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That old game you bought, way back when...
It came with an instruction booklet, full of information. Some of it mundane, like "press LEFT to move left". Some of it quite helpful, like "press SELECT to rearrange menu items". And some of it beautiful: with low-resolution graphics, the paintings in the booklet primed your imagination, told you what to see in the pixels.
Nowadays, manuals have fallen out of favor. The games themselves contain tutorials, and designers strive to make even those tutorials unnecessary.

This game strives to bring back some of the charm of the old instruction booklets. Relive that feeling of suspense as you turn the next page, and apply the new skills to the game in front of you.

It doesn't have pictures – a week was too short. But it is colorful, once you open it.

(Before you open it, anything colorful is a bug.)


Let's see what's under here...
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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 4.0
Fun: 3.4
Production: 4
Innovation: 4.5

27% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 8


File Uploader Date
Ready to read the instructions?
encukou 2017/10/22 00:01
ZIP archive (named .zip)
encukou 2017/10/22 00:00
ZIP archive (Python-executable)
encukou 2017/10/21 23:59
Just read the instructions!
encukou 2017/10/15 17:11
I have an intro screen!
encukou 2017/10/15 10:33

Diary Entries


I have an idea. I dreamt of it after I saw the five possible topics -- about four hours before the challenge start.
I'm glad "they're behind everything" won.



Looks like I haven't done much in the way of diary writing. I was busy with Pyglet!
Turns out just I like playing around with little animations and behaviors. Too much, maybe. So: no sound, the "story" is very hidden, and the puzzle is short.
But hopefully it's still fun! (And hopefully it'll run on other people's machines -- I didn't optimize at all.)

As my first PyWeek entry, and as a game made in three days (I need to work, too!), I think I'll call it a success.

And now, off to bed! Looking forward to play all the other games :)

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Update (with Python 3.7 compatibility) is on PyPI & GitHub

The files here pin/bundle the Pyglet dependency, which is not compatible with Python 3.7+.

An update is available on PyPI:

pip install jrti-game

Or on GitHub:

If the game does not run for you (on Python 3.6+), you can let me know via a GitHub issue. (I'll be happy for other bugs as well, but I don't promise to address them – this game was a week-only effort.)

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