PyWeek - Petr Viktorin - feedback

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Wow, the animations are just... wow. A lot of effort was definitely put into the special
effects of this game. The problem was, you had a hard time of hooking the player, and there
really didn't seem to be a point to the game, you just flipped over images to see instructions,
and if you're one of those people that's really into gaming, then you really just want to get to
the game, and not rad a whole bunch of stuff. This does seem like a very new type of game, it's very
interesting, but I don't think that consumers would catch on to it, it just seems to
complicated. Nice job overall!

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no sound nor music the idea has potential for a game. nice gfx effects.

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Game looked great! And appears totally finished! I imagine it's exactly the game they set out
to make--congratulations, few people make it to the finish line in such style :D
Unfortunately as games go there's not much there. The game is figuring out what to do by groping
around for clues. There are only three gameplay mechanics--read, grab & move, and use key.
Once you figure it out the game is over--if you played it for a second time, there are only about
four steps and you'd be done in sixty seconds. I don't see how you'd extend it to make a richer,
fuller game, and it has zero replay value.

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I've really enjoyed this puzzle game. I've done it in 41 minutes, and, at least for me, it was
perfectly balanced: enough things to explore, not difficult enough to push me to quit. And I
like the minimalistic aspect but still smooth and polished.

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This game looked like it might have had a lot of promise, but I just couldn't get past the first
screen. I really struggled to understand how to play this … couldn’t get it.

1 1 1 yes

RuntimeError: You need Python 3.6+ to play this game.

4 4 4

Nice, an escape game on your desktop. The effects worked very smoothly. Controls a bit awkward
(deliberately)? Difficulty was a bit rough - several times I thought I'd tried something and
so discounted it. There was no sound - audio clues that certain objects were 'different' might
have smoothed this out.

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Demanding python 3 is fine, demanding 3.6+ is a bit much.

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The author perfectly framed the theme to the game concept. I enjoyed flipping everywhere, but
couldn't solve the puzzle. I needed more hints.

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Awesome! I love the idea! Very well executed! I feel like I got pretty far but I haven't quite won
yet. I've been at it for an hour, though, and I need to rate other games. I really hope to come back
to it. The whole concept is just so neat, I had a lot of fun. I also like a lot of the little touches,
like how the grabby tool tilts as it moves. The controls are a bit awkward but I don't have any
specific recommendations, given how it all works.

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can open the zip at all