A mad race

contemplating human life... thats my way of saying i don't know what to write in description


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Overall: 1.7
Fun: 1.8
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Innovation: 1.8

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A mad race.zipfinal
My humble attempt at creating a game has come to an end... can't call it a "game". I did learn a lot though, considering the fact that i'm new to python and pygame...
Ahmad-Shafique 2017/10/21 20:58

Diary Entries

The conspiracy-like theme

I've been thinking over what to do with conspiracy theme... I arrived at the conclusion of who I'll make as culprit... Math is  gonna be the culprit...
Math is behind nearly every single thing in this world (personally, i think nearly is an understatement)... So, I'm gonna try making a  game focused on math... the game should convince the user on the fact, or at least attempt to anyway ...
Now i'm thinking over what the game should look like

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Finally, weekend is here, and I resume my work on 'A mad race'
Have looked through pygame and pyopengl
decided on creating a game with 3 levels for now
All levels shall be about discovery of math on different stuff by 'Nathan'
The game shall be a simple input and match game.
So many awesome people creating awesome stuff in this 1 week, its just amazing...
me being a noob, gonna stick with my stupid project...
The game will start with an intro and advance the levels...

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