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Gather coins and run to the exit.


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 3.3

8% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


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PyJ 2017/10/22 11:42
stage 1
PyJ 2017/10/22 11:41

Diary Entries

Warm Up

I totally forgot python & pygame. I didn't touch it after the last challenge.
I need to check the Chimp tutorial first. I'm going to punch him as an initiation.

I also need to build my programming environment. I use Eric for IDE.
As I won't make a Windows binary file, I have to care about the compatibility btw Python2 and 3.
It's a bit confusing to install libraries of two different versions in a system.
I may make a virtual environment for it.

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Wasted 2 days

I gave up the first game idea, 1 screen RTS.
It was a game to find a criminal mastermind by patrolling and interrogating accomplices.
I made screen sketches and game rule.
It became like a simplified UFO franchise game, and it seemed boring and uninspiring.
I eventually threw away the idea out of my mind, and decided to make a light-hearted, funny one.
The word "behind" narrowed my ideas to dark things, so I will go the opposite way.

I am planning to make a 1 screen action game.
I will be ready to start programming from the 3rd day.

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No Screen Caps Yet

Making a little part of the framework, that's all I did for the third day.
Working at a snail's pace.

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Being A Submarine

No visible outcome yet for today.

I completed making the framework, and finished a quick concept sketch.
I picked out a map editor and a free map set.
I needed to do a little tweak to use them for my game. A tiresome effort.

Tons of coding and hand-drawing are awaiting. Now I save it for tomorrow.

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Sinking Rather Surfacing

I struggled hard to display map and objects.
I'm making pixel data on Piskel, a nice online graphic editor.

I gradually doubt if I could complete the project.
I only have two days, and the completion rate is about 30%.

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The Hardest Part Is Over

I implemented alpha blending, layer sorting, and collision detection with hit_boxes.
As I couldn't find good tutorials for these things on the Internet, I had to write lots of test codes to find how to achieve them.

It's still 50% to complete. I hope I can make it.

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Humble Little Game

My entry is a simple game. Hunt coins like old days. Have pain and fun!

The completion rate is 70%. It's a so-so game, isn't it?

What I gave up is:
-BGM. I wanted to compose some, but it was too ambitious. It's desperate to find a 5 sec length of tune from Google.
-Score display. There is even no dummy output like the previous entry, but the last score is real, this time.
-Challenging traps such as weak blocks, poisonous gas, slow tile etc.
 They died on an idea notebook.
-I planned to make 10-15 stages. I underestimated the map making. It took hours to make, convert and test.
-No save function. It's embedded, but no time to implement.
-Writing a clean code. I made a dirty code with full of mending tapes.
-Particle animation. I wanted to put it into the jet dash movement, the wall crash, and the zero time event.

I may add some more thoughts and technical notes later, maybe..

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Game Over

First of all, I thank pyweek hosts for giving me this opportunity.

Many guys felt my game too hard. I admit it's hard even for my standard. I really had no time to adjust the game balance. There should have been a moderate learning curve.
As I was a die-hard core gamer, I used to play games at the maximum difficulty setting. I still like tense and pressure. It easily makes me misjudge the balancing. Thus I learned the importance of testers. I should keep it in mind. I may choose to make a puzzle or AVG to avoid the problem.

I failed to deliver a complete game again. That's sad. I spent 3 times more effort on it than the last time. I estimated at least 1,000 lines of coding would be necessary for a complete one, and I cleared it. What I underestimated was making game data. Making sprites and maps almost got me killed. The game theme was taken from "Pummel the chimp" tutorial, and I planned to make title & ending images like that. I was so pressed for time, I gave up the idea. Eventually none noticed it.

When I judged other entries, I read through their source files. Some guys really composed it well. I learned many from it. I remembered many coding rules. I know mine is too messy, and needs refactoring. When my motivation is back, I will renew my game, and publish it at some other places.