Humble Little Game

My entry is a simple game. Hunt coins like old days. Have pain and fun!

The completion rate is 70%. It's a so-so game, isn't it?

What I gave up is:
-BGM. I wanted to compose some, but it was too ambitious. It's desperate to find a 5 sec length of tune from Google.
-Score display. There is even no dummy output like the previous entry, but the last score is real, this time.
-Challenging traps such as weak blocks, poisonous gas, slow tile etc.
 They died on an idea notebook.
-I planned to make 10-15 stages. I underestimated the map making. It took hours to make, convert and test.
-No save function. It's embedded, but no time to implement.
-Writing a clean code. I made a dirty code with full of mending tapes.
-Particle animation. I wanted to put it into the jet dash movement, the wall crash, and the zero time event.

I may add some more thoughts and technical notes later, maybe..