Game Over

First of all, I thank pyweek hosts for giving me this opportunity.

Many guys felt my game too hard. I admit it's hard even for my standard. I really had no time to adjust the game balance. There should have been a moderate learning curve.
As I was a die-hard core gamer, I used to play games at the maximum difficulty setting. I still like tense and pressure. It easily makes me misjudge the balancing. Thus I learned the importance of testers. I should keep it in mind. I may choose to make a puzzle or AVG to avoid the problem.

I failed to deliver a complete game again. That's sad. I spent 3 times more effort on it than the last time. I estimated at least 1,000 lines of coding would be necessary for a complete one, and I cleared it. What I underestimated was making game data. Making sprites and maps almost got me killed. The game theme was taken from "Pummel the chimp" tutorial, and I planned to make title & ending images like that. I was so pressed for time, I gave up the idea. Eventually none noticed it.

When I judged other entries, I read through their source files. Some guys really composed it well. I learned many from it. I remembered many coding rules. I know mine is too messy, and needs refactoring. When my motivation is back, I will renew my game, and publish it at some other places.

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I wonder if the game had some framerate dependency in there. I ran it on my Mac mini which runs pygame quite slowly compared to Linux and it seemed to be almost impossible to progress beyond the first couple of levels. Reading the comments it looks like there was some variation in how hard it was so it could be the FPS was varying and causing that if there is some per-frame calculations that are not accounting for the actual delta times.
Thank you for the feedback! It seems there is a glitch in in-game time calculation. When I rewrite the entire source code, I will check it.