How to Extract tar.gz on Windows.

It seems someone was unable to extract tar.gz entries on Windows and therefore everyone who used the format was marked down for it. This seems unfair going forward because it says on the help page "Always use either ZIP or TAR / GZIP to bundle your entry." Here is how to do it (what I find is the easiest way)

1) Download 7-zip here.

2) Install it

3) Open it

4) Navigate to the director containing the tar.gz file.

5) Select the tar.gz file

6) Press Extract and OK

7) Find the tar file. It may be inside a directory with a name similar to the tar.gz file.

8) Select and extract the tar file.

9) Close 7-zip

7-zip can also extract zip, tar

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Just FYI, if someone marks the game as not working, then there will be a "yes" next to their rating in the N/W column, which means their rating will not be counted. It'll still show up as 1/1/1 but it will not factor into your actual rating.