Time for a drink

Ministry of Truth

To create a game is to define truth in your very own Matrix. Yet how many of us design utopias?


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Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2.3
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 2.7

18% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 9


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Vampires and post-truth
mgrazebrook 2017/10/22 00:00
Time for a drink
mgrazebrook 2017/10/21 23:57

Diary Entries

The state of the game

The idea was to create an engine for stories. Stories where your path through completely changes the outcome. The "levels" are entirely configurable through json files.

The background of this story is a conspiracy to control the world through controlling the truth. I didn't manage to write the ending, so I hope you'll excuse a plot spoiler:

Your character moves around a posh London district searching for clues and allies. Each ally could in fact be a traitor. Enemies you kill aren't in the final battle.

The final battle takes place in a secret, disused underground station. A data science company controlled by vampires has discovered a way to create a tissue of lies so convincing it can manipulate the media. The problem with lies is that once they accumulate, the stories conflict. But not if you have just the right kind of AI. 

Possible outcomes are destroying the server room in the station, joining the enemy (at great loss to your humanity), death or awaking to an Orwellian 1984 type world.

(My original concept was far too ambitious - each level would also have a Tiled-style map)

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Is it worth finishing the story?

The game's on github. I'm tempted to finish the story - but would anyone give it a go? 


Let me know if you'd like me to complete it. The code won't change much - just the story.

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