April 2018 challenge: “Two worlds”

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World of a Man Gone Mad

NEWER VERSION AVAILABLE (much smaller file size + personal records added + minor bug fix)

A Stealth / Bullet Hell / Story game.

I kidnap you and make you play my game and your goal is to escape. 

There are many different endings and 9 items to collect throughout them

It is really hard at first, but take some time in challenge mode and you'll get it i promise

I really hope to see some speedruns!!!  

BIG WINNER ending 9/9 items. Do it in under 3 minutes and i'll be impressed XD

source requires (python 2.7, kivy, and pymunk)

(not tested on python 3)

I really hope the exe works for you guys. For me, there's a little error dialogue box that shows up when you start it. I just click ok and it seems to work fine.

Controls are:

WASD - Move

SPACE - Shoot


ESC - Pause / Return to Menu / Leave Game (not recommended)

Entrant: IvanTHoffmann

Guardian of The Tree

You are a spirit who takes care of a tree that feeds humans.

This game is really easy and is 5 minutes long. It's meant to be enjoyed for it's aesthetic.

I made everything used in this game(code, art, SFX, music, etc.) completely by myself. :D

Download (Source and Executable)


Entrant: DaFluffyPotato

Black And White

Black And White is a 2D platformer "game"

Master the two worlds where black becomes white, up becomes down and left becomes right to reach the blue portals which are your milestones to a hopefully more colorful world.

Everything can be controlled with cursor and space keys.

Use s to skip a level and r to reset player's position if got stuck.

Python 3.x necessary.

Entrant: prake


solo entry for pyweek :)

Entrant: gizmo_thunder

Jim's Big Win

Made in Python3

run "main.py" to play game using python 3


Arrow Keys Used for navigation and moving Jim

Space Bar is used to move through story

Game Summary:

Jim wins Big


Music drawings code made by speedlimit35

code voice acting made by kylerchin


First pygame no experience at all :(  But we thought it would be fun so we are doing it.



#嗨嗨嗨 歡迎光臨 this is our pyweek 25 game Made By kylerchin and speedlimit35 artwork and music made by speedlimit35 voice acting bu kylerchin

made with python 3 and pygame

Download our pre-compiled packages on the releases page (totally nonezz virus)

Build from source

First, download all the requirements pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run the program! python3 main_menu.py

To self package: pyinstaller

Team: speedlimit35, kylerchin


A simple puzzle game about constantly flipping worlds.

Entrant: Tee

Rogue: Through The Veil

Rogue: Through The Veil is yet another roguelike. In this twist on the classic game, you are constrained to a dungeon of your normal, everyday monsters and items. However, just beyond the veil there exists a magical world where incredible creatures roam and mystical items await discovery. During your search for the Amulet of Yendor, you will discover how to go beyond the veil, transitioning between the realms of reality and the magical. You will be able to bring magical items back to the real world to aid you in your quest, but beware, the magical world is a dangerous place.

This game is one I've been thinking of since I discovered Rogue a few weeks ago, I'm so glad PyWeek just happened to be around the corner and with a perfect theme! Now I'm going to work flat out all week to try and get a minimal version of this running. Despite the description, there are still many unanswered questions as to how this game will work. It'll need some experimenting to get just right.

In-keeping with Rogue, it will use ASCII graphics, but I will also use colour. It will also have no sound. I'm going to be using tcod, which is a Python interface to libtcod library. The docs are here: https://python-tdl.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

I spend my days as a PhD candidate researching in the field of ontology/knowledge graphs with applications in systems, so also conducting research into systems thinking and mereology.  This means I'm looking forwards to Python 3.7's data-classes with keen-interest. I'm not going to use Python 3.7 for this because it has not been released yet, I am however going to try a programming style I've being mulling over as a result of my research into systems and ontology.

For this project I will use a class to represent a data-type, such as a "Potion of Healing" or "Snake". These classes will have no methods of their own, the only functionality I will give them will be in generating their properties, and perhaps nice __str__ methods. A class will be mutable and in Python I can access their instances in functions without passing them in explicitly, which is what I want. I will also use an ontological perspective on inheritance, so if I assert in a type hint that the arg: MovingObject, then it could also be any child class of MovingObject, such as Player. Child classes are not allowed to overwrite anything in their parent classes, they can only have additional properties and default values for existing properties.

Functions are considered to be mappings of global states, they don't belong to the thing that effects them, therefore no methods are used. Therefore, all functions will be public and able to act on any class that they are capable of acting upon. So the function "move" will be able to act on anything that has an x and y position, whether I intended it to or not. This is closer to reality, I currently have a burnt out old XBox providing the function "door-stop", I'm pretty sure if Microsoft coded the world it would not have had that function. I expect it will also offer greater flexibility and code re-use. This project will be an interesting proving ground for these ideas and a demonstration of how data-classes may be used from Python 3.7 onwards, I will be updating this project to use them at some point.

Finally, I'll be keeping a daily blog on progress at www.paulbrownmagic.com/blog

Enjoy your PyWeek, happy coding!

Entrant: PaulBrownMagic



In contrast, you play as 0x, a lone creature in a monochrome, industrial world.

While traversing through the game, you have the power to "Flip" the background, making some objects interactable, and some uninteractable.

For example, a White Block in a black background would be interactable, but a black block in a black background would be uninteractable, and vice versa.

This is all to collect the elusive RGB Sphere, the only color in the melancholy world.

Work your way through 15 challenging levels, using the mechanics and obstacles to obtain the RGB sphere and bring color to this world.

Main Programmer: Pygasm
Artist: Smeaton

Source can also be found at: https://github.com/Pygasm/Contrast

Requires python 3.x and pygame.


Team: Pygasm, Keyghman

Crossing the river

For a long time land of orcs and land of goblins was divided by magma river.

Your king are collecting armies and going to conquer a rich neighbour.

He needs a reliable way to quickly cross the flow with all his hordes.

Help him to start a war! Or do something else.

Entrant: yarolig

Journey To The Underworld

This is Sam's journey to the underworld.

Source code is on GitHub: https://github.com/pvcraven/two_worlds

Artwork by me, using Aesprite.

This program uses the Arcade library.

I made use of the Arcade Sample Code library.

Entrant: prof_craven

A Patchwork Orange


A world wide collaboration!

If you encounter issues playing, we have a public repo with bugfixes below!  Check it out!


Team: bitcraft, wkmanire, macskay, MisterToot


Parallel is a minimalistic Arcade Game, split down the middle into two separate levels. Both levels are different, and you can only see one at a time. You control both players, and if either one runs into an obstacle, it's game over for both of them.

While the screenshots may not seem like a lot, I focused a lot more on animations and special effects this time, so you really have to see the game in action to get a good feel of what it's really like.

Team: OrionDark7, Spaceflighter35

Vektor Things

Silly game where you control two ships at once.

Simply requires Python 2.4 +  and pygame.
Not tested on Python 3 though

Entrant: fydmyster

Master47 - PyWeek 25

Entrant: Master47

Runia Chronicles

This entry is Windows only.  I'm sorry Mac & Linux-only users.

Runia Chronicles is a story-based RPG following 3 characters.  It is presented in the same way a tabletop RPG would be, with a dungeon master.  In this way, there are two worlds, the fantasy world, and the world of the players and DM themselves.

The only controls are arrow keys, escape, and enter.

Audio volume seems to be vastly different on the 2 PCs I tested it on, so definitely go adjust the volume settings.

I built an engine alongside the game: www.github.com/Steven-Wilson/pyxelen

Now that the entry is complete, I will probably make some changes to the game engine.  I built it in only 1 week to go along with this entry, and spent 5 days of that primarily on the game itself, only the first 2 on the engine.  I just didn't have enough time to do cross-platform or a lot of the features I really want.

If people are really interested in trying it out, I would try to have at least Ubuntu Linux support in the engine in the near future and make it pip-install-able.  I don't own a Mac so I think that means compiling c-extensions for Mac is out of the question, but I haven't done enough research on that to know for sure.

Entrant: Quikli

Starboy vs Spaceship

Shoot enemy spaceship to earn 1000 pts

Catch starboy to earn 2000 pts

Boss will be summoned once reach 30000 pts

Entrant: marksman

Two Fronts

You only have one set of controls to fight enemies from two different worlds.

Entrant: typhonic

The Desert and the Sea

"The Desert and the Sea" is a 3D exploration and adventure game set across two parallel worlds. As a cast away on a small tropical island, you encounter mysterious artefacts that provide links to a parallel world: to get back home you need to venture across time and space.

Requires pygame, numpy and PyOpenGL

Windows users installing PyOpenGL: see installation notes in readme.txt.

Playthrough Video:


Game Website:


Entrant: mit-mit

Through the Dark

I have been seeing this challenge from the outside for a while, but now i would like to participate to have some fun.

This is my game, the little red dot is the player and the objective is to reach the yellow square, but you are surronded by walls, as you can see in the image is impossible to reach the goal, but there is a way, you can turn off the light with the green square and this will change the the walls surronding you, the problem is that with the light off you can't see any thing, but don't worry you have a very special object that let you shot visible balls around you and this balls will bounce with the wall, showing you the way to the goal, but be careful you only have three shots, of course you can recharge with the blue square.

Entrant: RicBin


A complete novice's first entry...

Entrant: ntoll


The story of two travelers from different worlds who meet under the most mysterious of circumstances.

Puzzle / turn-based strategy game. Control with the mouse.

Team: Cosmologicon, EnigmaticArcher


First thing first:

-there are citations for the music and some of the background images

-and everything else is drawn with paint.net by myself

-a cute creature, namingly Tushlet, will give you a lore of each mini game, explaining how beating the five mini games will make him free 

-after beating all mini games, Tushlet is released and starts breaking your games, you have to re-seal him by playing each mini game again, but this time with ultra difficulty and a combination of RPG elements. 

-after five mini games are broken, Tushlet will be re-sealed and your save file will be sealed with him, a riddle will lead you to a *secret place*. By following a scavenger hunt like *secret* hints, you will have to change files and folders in your game directory to unlock the other five mini games 

-and this is the end of part 1, because, as I've been saying, making 10 mini games with two different levels is way too overwhelming for me in a week. 

-in part 2, you will reveal background stories of Tushlet, of course, you can find Easter eggs in the first 5 mini-games which can be related to his background story. 

-the end would an open end, the game would close itself and your save file will be modified a little for some other *secret* stuffs.  And now, three of the five games are finished, only two to go!  The "two worlds" theme can be discovered everywhere in the design of the game, normal - glitched world, game - disk world, real - surreal world, intelligence - strength world(the first 5 games are about intelligence, meaning that none to little cursor clicks, the last 5 games requires a lot of clicking and controlling skills). Throughout out the dialogs, Tushlet will also keep reminding you of how this games world is different form your reality, but related to the reality(TOK right here >:D).

Entrant: chrisyan2000

The Dark World

The Dark World is a web-based MMO. It is implemented as a JavaScript WebGL client written with three.js, backed by a Python asyncio server.

Play here:


Entrant: mauve


Bitetris,means bi-tetris, player plays two tetris at the same time. As in a Louis Cha novel, Zhou Botong created his unique skill "Left and Right Inter-fighting". I think my game style is this, maybe a little hard, but just for fun. Don't worry, be happy :)

The game is written in kivy, I already package it for android, you can just install the .apk file(githublink). Or if you are on Windows, there is another choice, you can download the .zip file(githublink). Of course you can try the source code(githublink), be sure to follow the installation guide on kivy's official site :) All the versions I have already uploaded here is the same of the github link I mentioned :)


On windows, wsad & ↑↓←→ for control the left & right screen operation

On android, swipe up,down,left,right in left & right screen to control

ps. About the password in title screen. hint is already there :) The game has no sound, sorry about that,  and no animation effect, I am quite lazy in fact :)

Entrant: xmzhang1

Warpin' Walter

First timers having fun with pygame :)




Team: ozcer, knockupwood, allantsai3


Where can we go in two worlds? Well there is only one way to divide us...

Entrant: Unicorn Markets

Updown World

A world that the player, as food, has to escape from countless eaters day and night. It can go up and down in order to survive in the scary world. Use space button and dodge, dodge, dodge!! My record is 19. Wish the odds be with you!

Updown World Snapshot

Entrant: nathanzhang3

Escape the room

You are locked in a room, try to find the password and Escape!!!!!

Team: Unicorn Markets, xsun40


Needs Python 3.6

Read README.md first and have fun.

Watch gameplay

Entrant: Slava