April 2018 challenge: “Two worlds”

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<3 Renchoun

Entrant: Shyzuna


Self-taught, but plenty of experience. Look out mit-mit, i'm stealing your title ;) 

But seriously, good luck everybody! Super excited :D

Entrant: IvanTHoffmann


  • source.zip — source code(need kivy) (23.40 Kbytes on 2018/04/19)

Bitetris,means bi-tetris, player plays two tetris at the same time. As in a Louis Cha novel, Zhou Botong created his unique skill "Left and Right Inter-fighting". I think my game style is this, maybe a little hard, but just for fun. Don't worry, be happy :)

The game is written in kivy, I already package it for android, you can just install the .apk file(githublink). Or if you are on Windows, there is another choice, you can download the .zip file(githublink). Of course you can try the source code(githublink), be sure to follow the installation guide on kivy's official site :) All the versions I have already uploaded here is the same of the github link I mentioned :)


On windows, wsad & ↑↓←→ for control the left & right screen operation

On android, swipe up,down,left,right in left & right screen to control

ps. About the password in title screen. hint is already there :) The game has no sound, sorry about that,  and no animation effect, I am quite lazy in fact :)

Entrant: xmzhang1


Parallel is a minimalistic Arcade Game, split down the middle into two separate levels. Both levels are different, and you can only see one at a time. You control both players, and if either one runs into an obstacle, it's game over for both of them.

While the screenshots may not seem like a lot, I focused a lot more on animations and special effects this time, so you really have to see the game in action to get a good feel of what it's really like.

Team: OrionDark7, Spaceflighter35

Crossing the river

For a long time land of orcs and land of goblins was divided by magma river.

Your king are collecting armies and going to conquer a rich neighbour.

He needs a reliable way to quickly cross the flow with all his hordes.

Help him to start a war! Or do something else.

Entrant: yarolig

Long Time Gone

Several years ago I tried participating in PyWeek a few times.  It would be fun to try to take another crack at it.

Entrant: ArmchairArmada


My first pyweek!!

Entrant: CoreCuber

A Shuttle

I'm a student who is very interested in programming. Recently I've learnt pygame and I thought that this would be a great chance for me to be "a little" involved in the community :D.

Entrant: chrisyan2000


Main Programmer: Pygasm
Art: Keyghman

Contrast is a platformer about a monochrome world full of either black, grey, or white objects.
Depending on the background, these objects are either interactable or non-interactable
White is not interactable in white, black is interactable in white, and vice versa.

Your goal: Try to collect the elusive RGB Sphere! The only color in this industrial world.

Team: Pygasm, Keyghman


Trying to learn and get better at python 

Entrant: eldrvinr


Where can we go in two worlds? Well there is only one way to divide us...

Entrant: Unicorn Markets


i am markmonster

Entrant: markmonster25

Okey then

Entrant: paeron


First Attempt

Entrant: makchan15

some game

some game

Entrant: TheMaschine

Around the Worlds in 80 days.

A hot air Balloon game.

Entrant: illume

Rogue: Through The Veil

Rogue: Through The Veil is yet another roguelike. In this twist on the classic game, you are constrained to a dungeon of your normal, everyday monsters and items. However, just beyond the veil there exists a magical world where incredible creatures roam and mystical items await discovery. During your search for the Amulet of Yendor, you will discover how to go beyond the veil, transitioning between the realms of reality and the magical. You will be able to bring magical items back to the real world to aid you in your quest, but beware, the magical world is a dangerous place.

This game is one I've been thinking of since I discovered Rogue a few weeks ago, I'm so glad PyWeek just happened to be around the corner and with a perfect theme! Now I'm going to work flat out all week to try and get a minimal version of this running. Despite the description, there are still many unanswered questions as to how this game will work. It'll need some experimenting to get just right.

In-keeping with Rogue, it will use ASCII graphics, but I will also use colour. It will also have no sound. I'm going to be using tcod, which is a Python interface to libtcod library. The docs are here: https://python-tdl.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

I spend my days as a PhD candidate researching in the field of ontology/knowledge graphs with applications in systems, so also conducting research into systems thinking and mereology.  This means I'm looking forwards to Python 3.7's data-classes with keen-interest. I'm not going to use Python 3.7 for this because it has not been released yet, I am however going to try a programming style I've being mulling over as a result of my research into systems and ontology.

For this project I will use a class to represent a data-type, such as a "Potion of Healing" or "Snake". These classes will have no methods of their own, the only functionality I will give them will be in generating their properties, and perhaps nice __str__ methods. A class will be mutable and in Python I can access their instances in functions without passing them in explicitly, which is what I want. I will also use an ontological perspective on inheritance, so if I assert in a type hint that the arg: MovingObject, then it could also be any child class of MovingObject, such as Player. Child classes are not allowed to overwrite anything in their parent classes, they can only have additional properties and default values for existing properties.

Functions are considered to be mappings of global states, they don't belong to the thing that effects them, therefore no methods are used. Therefore, all functions will be public and able to act on any class that they are capable of acting upon. So the function "move" will be able to act on anything that has an x and y position, whether I intended it to or not. This is closer to reality, I currently have a burnt out old XBox providing the function "door-stop", I'm pretty sure if Microsoft coded the world it would not have had that function. I expect it will also offer greater flexibility and code re-use. This project will be an interesting proving ground for these ideas and a demonstration of how data-classes may be used from Python 3.7 onwards, I will be updating this project to use them at some point.

Finally, I'll be keeping a daily blog on progress at www.paulbrownmagic.com/blog

Enjoy your PyWeek, happy coding!

Entrant: PaulBrownMagic



Entrant: PyJ

Conquering brains

I come for happy training, share intensive coding experience, trying to exploit what i learned.

I'd like to be able enough, for spreading proof of concept about game coding with python.

i hope i will have time, last time i gave up...

See you soon !

Entrant: Buffalo974

To Worlds! An adventure like none other!

The2ndSamurai and amne51ac team up again to bring you yet another side-splitting epic adventure of wits, anatomy, and not even halfway-decent game design.

I'm pumped, and I feel like you would be too if you were in the room when we concocted this scheme, but you weren't, so you'll just have to wait until it all comes together.

Thank you all once again for all of the great feedback last year, I can't wait to see what you guys think this time around!

Team: amne51ac, The2ndSamurai

Forked Tail PW25

Do not read this

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta

Zapote Bulls

A bulls game occurring in Zapote, Costa Rica.

Entrant: BitWarp

Guardian of The Tree

You are a spirit who takes care of a tree that feeds humans.

This game is really easy and is 5 minutes long. It's meant to be enjoyed for it's aesthetic.

I made everything used in this game(code, art, SFX, music, etc.) completely by myself. :D

Download (Source and Executable)


Entrant: DaFluffyPotato


  • paper_chase.zip — Paperchase entry... better to get from GitHub. ;-) (44.00 Mbytes on 2018/04/20)
A complete novice's first entry...

Entrant: ntoll


Looking forward to coding. :)

Entrant: Alzi

Runia Chronicles

Will probably be some sort of RPG.  Will be using pyweek to develop an idea I've had for awhile about a functional programming game library and develop it alongside the game.

Entrant: Quikli

Looking and Making for Something

I have been seeing this challenge from the outside for a while, but now i would like to participate to have some fun.

Entrant: RicBin


solo entry for pyweek :)

Entrant: gizmo_thunder


One more attempt at PyWeek, maybe this time it will work. I don't really have a game in mind this time, but rather I will work on an emulator of my CircuitPython-based game console µGame, so that one can play (and develop) the games with regular Python.

Entrant: sheep


Erm...New to this, gonna see if I can make something :)

Entrant: ludvichzme

Jim's Big Win

First pygame no experience at all :(  But we thought it would be fun so we are doing it.

Team: speedlimit35, kylerchin

Updown World

A world that the play, as food, has to excape from countless eaters day and night. He can go up and down, but not too much, in order to survive in the scary world. Use your space button and dodge, dodge, dodge!! My current record by toward the end of development is level 19.

Updown World Snapshot

Entrant: nathanzhang3

The Dark World

The Dark World is a web-based MMO. It is implemented as a JavaScript WebGL client written with three.js, backed by a Python asyncio server.



Entrant: mauve


  • twins.zip — Twins final version (1.39 Mbytes on 2018/04/20)

Read README.md first and have fun.

Entrant: Slava

Black And White

My 3rd participation. At least finishing something that might be a game is my goal for this pyweek.
Wish us a great time!

Entrant: prake


Solo entry.

Entrant: mit-mit

No name yet

Entrant: coen


Entrant: Tee

Project Hijack

First timers having fun with pygame :)

Team: ozcer, knockupwood, allantsai3


new .

Entrant: EliasKons


It doesn't make any sense.

Team: Zuzu_Typ, KarateCarrot

Escape the room

You are locked in a room, try to find the password and Escape!!!!!

Team: Unicorn Markets, xsun40

Vektor Things

Platformer about 2 dimensional shapes and stuff. Its gonna be so 80's

Entrant: fydmyster