April 2018 challenge: “Two worlds”

Jim's Big Win - First Face to face meeting

Posted by speedlimit35 on 2018/04/21 06:14

Today, we had our first face to face real deal meeting and are about done. Depending on our schedules tomorrow, we may make some final small adjustments but are fine without them.

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Parallel - Day 6 & 7 - Refinements and more level building

Posted by OrionDark7 on 2018/04/21 03:46

So yesterday I was working, and I got this error, so I tested it out on a whole bunch of other computers to see if it was just my computer or what. While I was figuring it out, I discovered something interesting.

When I tested the game on a different platform, it ran fast, a little too fast. Like my Core-2 Duo PC ran it faster than my Quad-Core Xeon Mac Pro. That kind of disturbed me a bit.

So, I came up with a solution, and now I have a game settings screen, which changes how much graphic effects there are, how fast those effects are and whatnot. And it works, so I'm good.

I also put in 2 more levels, which my Dad helped me design over the past couple of days, and they're really hard. I now have a total of 7 levels, and I'm hoping to have 10 done (quality over quantity) by the time I turn it in. I also added a really cool thing where the color of the walls change with each level, so level 1 is red, level 2 is blue, and so on and so forth...

I'm not done yet, though it's "Day 7", considering it's still Friday, April 20th in my timezone, and I don't have to have it in until tomorrow by 5 in my timezone. So in a sense, I still have the same amount of time, I'm just awake for much more of it.

I got a long day ahead of me tomorrow, so I'm going to get some sleep.

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Contrast - Stage 5: Almost done!

Posted by Pygasm on 2018/04/21 02:26

Today was intense, first I added several obstacles such as falling platforms and jump pads, and then added three levels, need to add 6 more levels.

And now, heres me being immature.

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Rogue: Through The Veil - Quiet day, it was sunny out!

Posted by PaulBrownMagic on 2018/04/21 00:04

Well, the weather has been delightful! But I didn't get as much done today. Thankfully, there's not much left to do!

Biggest chore of the day was generating mazes for such tiny rooms. In the end I gave up on all my ideas and borrowed from Mazify, which I found on GitHub. Besides that, I can now remove a room, replacing it with just a passage, so there's not always 9 rooms. Adds a bit of variety to the game play. I also found the levels were taking too long to play, which has many knock-on effects in terms of xp, monsters, and fun! So I've shrunk my maps down.

I've improved some of the interactions in the game, such as hunger messages now displaying in a pop-up. If I have time I'll do the same from traps as they're also easy to miss. Weapon enchantment now works better, and you can keep up with the weapon stats if you identify your weapon. Last thing I added was a shrinking FOV as you go down the dungeon, to make it a little more scary!

Not a big one today, I'm hoping to get some more time on it tomorrow. The deadline is looming!
Mazes and missing rooms

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The Dark World - Day 6

Posted by mauve on 2018/04/20 23:55

Today I got quite a few things done. More and more things are dropping out purely on the Python side. This is because the Javascript doesn't really have  game logic, just input and graphics. Even this inventory screen is a generic "dialog" that the Python code can show to the user:

Such a screen could be shown in response to other game events or NPC conversations.

Here is a screenshot showing larger objects and NPCs:

There are now challenges to solve (but they're extremely easy). I have the whole of tomorrow to turn this into a game, and the engine is mostly there. I have some ideas for content, but not enough. Need to get a good night's rest for the final day!

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Above-and-Below - When is enough, enough?

Posted by Unicorn Markets on 2018/04/20 21:48

The game is pretty much complete. It is alright. You can play it all the way through, and kind of enjoy it. It isn't incredibly challenging, but that may be because I have played it about 20 times so far. I would guess that most people should be able to successfully complete it in 5-10 tries. For some, it may be doable on the first try.

The real question now is about features. Should I add more features? Does the game need more features? I think the game could use a feature or two more, so I may try to add something. Lets see, 27 hours... maybe 2 more for some small features and we can call it complete.

Let's see what other people think.

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Paperchase - Finished (and tested on my 13yo son)

Posted by ntoll on 2018/04/20 17:10

I decided to spend all of today (Friday) on finishing, polishing and testing my game since I wont have any time tomorrow.

As a result I've managed to get quite a lot done... intro and outro screens, music, tweaks to the game mechanics, power-ups for anti-gravity, various bug fixes and the all important two-worlds-related "back story":

The intergalactic war between the red and blue factions of the biro universe has reached its climax. Each world has sent a stick-figure champion to race in the "Paper chase" for ultimate victory and to decide which colour biro pen teachers should use when marking work. (Get 200 steps ahead to win, collect up to 3 Python power-ups to import antigravity and avoid all other obstacles.)

To be honest, it all feels a bit "hacky", but I'll refactor and clean up the code once PyWeek is over before I turn it into a learning resource.

When my son got home from school I tried a bit of game testing with him (see video linked below). I'll package, test on Windows, OSX and Linux and upload later this evening.

Game testing with a teenager.

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Twins - My final day

Posted by Slava on 2018/04/20 16:25

I have some other activities tomorrow. So I have to finish the game today. The game is very simple and it is mostly based on arcade code examples.

I enjoy participating in PyWeek. Thank you 

Watch Twins gameplay

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Crossing the river - Day 6

Posted by yarolig on 2018/04/20 15:53

I not finished game yet. I have no start menu, no sound, no winning condition, do dead condition.

But magic works! I have several levels. It looks cool!

Today I need to finish alpha version.

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mit-mit-25 - Day 4-6: Progress

Posted by mit-mit on 2018/04/20 14:58

I've been running at a pretty hectic pace, so haven't had much time to write anything. I'm working on a 3D first-person exploration/adventure game set within two worlds connected via portals that transport you between simultaneous positions in space but in different worlds. This years theme was my top pick, so I was pretty happy; had a basic idea of what I would do with this theme straight up at the start.

Day 1-3: pretty much spent all of this time world building: created a little beach with a bit of audio atmosphere and critters. I spent most of day 3 figuring out how to get pyopengl to load large obj files quickly (well quicker than the default implementation I started with).

Day 4: started implementing teleportation mechanics, interaction with world objects and control panels etc.

Day 5: fine-tuned the audio and composed some background music, implemented nuisance stuff like title screens, pause screens etc.

Day 6: started designing puzzles and building levels, additional 3D modelling

I think I'm pretty much on track for finishing on time, but as usual, it will be a marathon stretch to the finish :).

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