Thanks to everyone who played the game and left feedback! I had a lot of fun this comp ... there were some really entertaining games. Congrats to Cosmo and Enigmatic Archer for the team win. A few notes/after-thoughts about the game:

I was reasonably happy with how the game turned out: I had a lot of fun doing the world design and was happy to get a first-person perspective game to work well in python (I learnt a lot more about using OpenGL, and the wonders of Google poly :) ). I was happy with the visuals and sound, which I tried to put a lot of attention into this comp.

I wasn't really all that happy with the puzzle designs, and didn't really find the game "fun" to play. I had the idea of "portal-like" spatial puzzles from day one, but didn't really have a clear idea of exactly how I would implement these. I think I spent the first 5-6 days just so immersed in the fun of world-building that I got to day 6/7 and was like "oh yeah, I forgot this is supposed to be a game with like an objective and stuff ..." so got caught in the classic trap of not planning the levels/game mechanics out properly from the start. I also wanted to have more objects/mechanics that you would interact with (like switches that control things etc.), but ran out of time in implementing them. I built the entire final maze level in literally the last 1.5 hours, so super rushed at the end.

Congrats to everyone who participated and finished a game, particularly those competing for the first time: make sure you come back for the next comp! I love that this competition exists! Thanks too Mauve for running the ship, much appreciated!

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Really nice game. The puzzles aren't too advanced but that just makes it more of a chill experience - maybe not what you were going for but it's OK for a design to change in the implementing of it.
Thanks Saluk: I was very focussed on world-building when I did this game, so it ended up being just more like a nice visual experience, not intended to be too difficult to solve.