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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 2.4

7% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
Twins final version
Slava 2018/04/20 16:16
Slava 2018/04/20 16:09
Slava 2018/04/19 18:46
Basic game
Slava 2018/04/18 17:51
walking and jumping animation
Slava 2018/04/16 17:31
Snímek obrazovky 2018-04-15 v 22.08.42.png
First screenshot
Slava 2018/04/15 20:24
pen and paper
Slava 2018/04/15 20:24

Diary Entries

First day

In the morning after breakfast I started with pen and paper game draft.

First screenshot

My game is about twins. Brother and sister separated after birth. Brother is called Quentin and her name is Erika. They live in two different worlds.

The game is combination of puzzle and platformer. 

Then I set repository on GitHub and started coding. 

First screenshot

I have done this so far. 

  • basic tutorial level layout
  • basic movement
  • characters switching

I am using arcade library and the sprites are from

Good luck everyone. 

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Character animation

I got stuck with character animation, but in the end everything is working how I want.

walking and jumping

My code looks like garbage. I hope I will have time for refactoring. 

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Breaking news

My game concept sucks! It isn't fun to play the game and the game play doesn't make sense. I have to do some changes. More info tomorrow, stay tuned. 

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Productive afternoon

The game is more simpler. It lost two character support and some special effects. I have to change the story. Now it is about super humans who can travel between two worlds. Ordinary people call them "Twins". There is only few differences between world one and world two. The most important thing is that in one you can walk fast and in second you can jump high.

basic game

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Almost done.

The game is almost ready.


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My final day

I have some other activities tomorrow. So I have to finish the game today. The game is very simple and it is mostly based on arcade code examples.

I enjoy participating in PyWeek. Thank you 

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