PyWeek - Slava - feedback

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Didn't get to the next level - Too hard for me with WASD keys ;-) Somehow I heard now sound.

1 1 1 yes

Hey sorry I'm stuck on Python 3.5. I'll definitely try to upgrade to 3.6 and come back and try
this one, if I have time before the deadline. Gameplay video looks cool!

2 3 1

World changing not working well. Too short.

2 3 2

game was alright. It could have used an intro/outro screen, maybe some more levels, some
twists and turns to it. But it was playable and not really buggy which I appreciated.

3 2 4

no sound?

2 3 2

Screen scrolling seems a little uncomfortable. A very typical platformer game made with
arcade lib. And there are many glitches in both the gameplay and mechanics. Anyways, nice job!

3 2 2

I took several attempts to get all the gems in the time, getting closer every time, which made me
want to try again to get them all. The platform physics worked pretty well. It needs more levels
and more ways to combine your speed and jump powers.

4 3 3

Nice platformer that I've not been able to complete! My WSAD skills are obviously not up to
snuff. Took a few tries to work out how the two worlds worked (run fast, jump small vs. run slow,
jump high). Sound didn't work for me on Ubuntu. Cool game... reminded me of Frak! on the BBC
micro in terms of moving around to collect gems etc... perhaps could do with some "meanies" or
other things to avoid (above and beyond running out of time)...?

3 4 3

Nice looking art.

2 3 3

Took me a bit to figure out that switching worlds actually switched abilities (i.e. the
twins). Was a bit too hard to make that strict time limit.

2 3 2

Good art style, bad scrolling system.

3 4 2

This looks like a really cool game but unfortunately, I cannot even pass the first level. There
is too little time and collecting all the gems is very hard

2 2 3

Where are the twins, Im not sure, neither do I understand any mechanic of the game at all. The use
of blatant free assets also degrades the quality