March 2023 challenge: “In the shadows”

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Entrant: Cool_Guy


Hey all! This is my first time developing in pyweek, and my first time using pygame. I hope to learn a lot and have fun while I'm at it. Good luck to all participants!

Entrant: ncrohawk

Going Solo

Here to learn by experience and have fun. Never done this before. It shall be Fun.

Entrant: stonedturtle

Random Rabbit

Hey everyone!

I've always been interested in game development and I'm excited to participate in the upcoming Pyweek Game Jam. I'll be participating solo but I'm also open to teaming up with others who share the same passion for game development.

I have experience with Python and have been working on some projects on my own. I'm looking forward to collaborating and creating something amazing together. If you're interested in teaming up, feel free to reach out to me.

Let's make something great!

Entrant: Randomu  (Join this team?)

Tetris in Ohio

Heyyy! Everyone. I only got a couple of days this time :(
Anyways the game is complete heres a video

Please view for proper formatting. I am `BeautifulRequest` on pydis-server and `Ibrahim2750mi` on arcade server.

## How to run
Theres no addditional dependancies other than arcade. Supports python3.8-11. Although if you want to use run the `dev_tools` directory make sure to keep it below python3.10 due to a limitation with PyAudio. The `dev_tools` is not used by the game itself but was used by me to handle the assets.
$ pip install arcade==3.0.0.dev18 || pip install -r requirements.txt
There are two parameters you can pass to run the game i.e debug and performance. Pass true for performance if you have a low end pc. Also don't cd into the source directory to run the game. $ python src/ # normal run $ python src/ true # debug run $ python src/ false true # performance run

## Production
+ The player has 6 animations -> (Death, Hurt, Idle, Jump, Push, Run) + Has two background music
+ Has a rainy effect for the loosing screen
+ Has a different music which for dying(the famous gregorian chant dies irae) which is coded by me see `src/dev_tools/`
+ Uses shaders for lighting effect

## Innovation
+ The game is an extract of the age old game Tetris, but instead of normally controlling the columns in which the boxes fall in you get a character which does that
+ Tetris in Ohio comes from the meme "Only in Ohio" which basically means things are different in Ohio, thus reflecting the concept of the game
+ Theres a backstory included in the game's `Story?` button, which co-relates with the theme
+ Dies Irae(literally means day of wrath in latin) the Gregorian Chant starts playing when you die, showing the extent of darkness

## Fun
Did you had fun playing it? I hope you did. The game contains meme references also hope you had a laugh.

## Bugs
+ Sometimes(rare) the player the gets stuck between two press 'R' to reset the player's position.

Entrant: BeautifulReques

Robo Bake Gothenburg

Robo Bake Gothenburg Robot Pie

We're four students from Gothenburg, Sweden studying Python developement with a special focus on Artificial Inteligence. Our fifth member is our mascot, he likes pie(py)s, being generally cute, as well as world domination (just keep him well fed and he wont persue his ulterior motive).
This will be our first entry into PyWeek as well as game developement in general. We're all exited and curious to see what the theme is going to be. And to hopefully create something that is both fun and creative! (and if nothing some working runnable code)

Please cheer for in our struggle :D

GLHF everyone

Team: BKBender, FatherWilliam, Shmillibonka, DivineTofu


This is my first game jam. I don't know what to expect, but the will to dominate is present and alive.

Entrant: a_novice

Void Pulsar

I am Veyron, a student interested in exploring the field of computer science and software development. I'll be doing pyweek challenges with some friends on here.

Team: Veyron, End


Another game Jam, another attempt. Should be able to get something completed this time. Could this be the run where the DNF streak ends?

Wish me luck. :)

Entrant: Phantasma

PyWeek35 Game

Two Python Developers using Ursina Engine to create an awesome game!

Team: RangerRhino23, Itsbailey-X3525  (Join this team?)

Shadow Embiggener

Hello I am new to python and just seeing if I can make something up for this challenge =) I have only made one game before and it runs in console, for this I am dipping my toes into a proper game/graphics library with Arcade.

After day 1, I came up with the concept of collecting energy/radiation to make your shadow bigger. You want to embiggen it to a certain size to win! If your shadow gets hit by a shadow ray, or the time reaches zero, you lose!

After day 2, I decided to lean into SHMUP (shoot'em up) gameplay so the controls have been updated and now you shoot energy at the shadow rays to prevent them from hitting your shadow and making them smaller. Now your shadow just grows organically over time.

I need to work on better sprites and hit detection. I will change up the scoring/win/lose system a bit too to account for the new gameplay. Other than that, I think the rest of the week is just optimization which is good because I don't have as much time during the week as I did over the weekend :)

Entrant: Lanecrest

Universe Factory 35

Only got a couple days this time, but hoping to make a minimal entry!

Entrant: Cosmologicon


We love playing games and making games.

Team: smoktwix, Doger, Pykemon010

The Nubsters

Hey, hi, we're SockStar (SockYeh and Astar777). We both are inexperienced developers who know nothing except how to use the print function. You may be wondering why is our team's name is 'The Nubsters', right? So the answer to it is that we call ourselves nub (noob) and call the other person pro (professional). This is the origin of 'The Nubsters'.

Team: SockYeh, Astar777

Lime Gang

Lime Lime Gang Gang

Team: preatomicprince, Jsteele

This is fine

I tried to call this entry DefinitionOfInsanity but it is too long so...

I have failed to write a game many times. But this is OK. I will try again.

Entrant: yarolig

Team Trot

Because I like horses.

So... trot.


Entrant: Dev_Squid


Just trying to have some fun, finish the game (or at least make it playable), and get a nice rating. :3

Entrant: Gato


This is our first game jam.

Team: N4no, stormz3d

Programmers 3001

This is our first Pyweek! Wish everyone luck!

Team: David3001, MikiHleb, Momcilo, nodak, JennyO512, dima  (Join this team?)



Entrant: Tee


a group of badass devs making a badass game

Team: Pega, Asher, Snipy7374, sarth, mudkip


Hi, I am beginner to pygame zero, and I will be creating a game for this game jam in order to learn

Entrant: Techlord



Entrant: azzy



Entrant: RicBin

Loser Gamelord

Yeahhh, I'm gonna make a game. It's probably gonna be really epic. I have no idea what I'm doing btw

Entrant: cosmicmyschief


Entrant: Assile  (Join this team?)


Entrant: siddhartha13

In The Shadows's Pyweek team

Entrant: SarthakSid  (Join this team?)

In the shadows(FPS)

Just me :D

Quite new to programming with languages that aren't block

First pyweek!!

Entrant: Thespaceinvader

Arm Confederates

We are the RISC fans who hate x86

Entrant: aaravm

Tom Bennett

Solo Team creating a game for fun! First time doing PyWeek, excited!

Entrant: TomBentIt

mit-mit PyWeek 35

Looking forward to it!

Entrant: mit-mit


This would be our first entry to a PyWeek event. Quite excited to see what we can do :)

Entrant: Moondog



Entrant: spuun


We will finish the project

Team: FlowGLOW, ddjerqq, Tuna, bigwig  (Join this team?)


We are very experinced coders and have made apps like google and microsoft. we are jeff bezos and bill gates. just joking lmao we are funny people with amazing ideas for games. like bomb tag!?!?!?

Team: n0remac, IcodePython, M_Tube, PrayandCray, guacanigeria, LenBen12345  (Join this team?)


Entrant: Spark  (Join this team?)


Hello i am a lone young programmer that is just learning to program, and looking for challenges. Hoping to have some fun!!

Entrant: ZajlaTheProgram


like best quality chinkara always

strive for glory only

number one tetam

Team: speedlimit35, meatyy, Name624


Entrant: gbondonno


Good luck to everyone!

Entrant: Anonymous4045  (Join this team?)


Entrant: meta




answer = input("Who's Awesome? ")

print(f"You are Awesome, {answer}")


Entrant: JennyO512  (Join this team?)

All you need is Python

To challenge myself I'll be creating a game which runs using only a plain CPython installation - just the standard library nothing extra

Entrant: coen

First pyweek!

This is my first every pyweek and I am just looking to have fun!

Entrant: TheGooose

Shadow Parkour

We are a group of awesome python devs consisting of PyNon, 9pfs, Waffles, Hugo, Skrish and Scollier. 

Team: PyNon, 9pfs, Waffles, Hugo, Scollier, skrish  (Join this team?)

hooded grebe

Entrant: Diaz11


Hi, I am new to Python programming language, and want to to learn. I am using this event to learn more about Python.

Entrant: spiderfigure


Collaboration and fun ✨

Good luck everyone!

Team: vagish, tacchan, Shahnawaz28, Arpi369, Gods_gift, deb01, Ryugean, stirlhoss


I just want to see if I can make something playable :)

Entrant: AlienPlayerBoy


We are doing this for first time, should be fun :)

Team: nprosk, Preflight, benlubas, jpinedev  (Join this team?)

Anate Team

I'm just trying to learn more about programming and have fun :)  (not ready to join others yet. But someday...)

Entrant: Shyr

Idk what is theme

We make game, we are an emerging bundle of wheat, so we're pretty new but not that new and also have no idea of what we're doing :) 

Team: Prof_Park, NathanDJF  (Join this team?)

si salve

Entrant: lollo


i literally have no idea what im doing i just thought this might be fun, i have never developed a game before, let alone in python so im just kinda going with the flow right now, if anyone wants to join my team feel free to do so, but im not exaggerating when i say i don't know a thing.

Entrant: Sappho  (Join this team?)

play vs kid

It is time.

Entrant: Apex

Cool Programming Pygame People! (CPPP!)

Welcome to CPPP!

I am a pygame developer that would like to participate in the 35th pyweek!

All requests are allowed as I would like to have a partner in crime!

I wish you all the best of luck!

import pygame as cppp

Entrant: fdisnotherePG  (Join this team?)

Team Cash-In

First PyWeek, just looking to have fun :D

Entrant: DeanCash  (Join this team?)


Never made a game before, just going to see what I can do and have some fun with it

Entrant: BigChaz

The Kardashev Ascendancy

Solo Developer, fairly well versed in python, testing myself with ChatGPT to see how far I can get into development. I look forward to seeing all of your projects! 

Entrant: helo


This is my first time with python game development, and I am interested to learn alot through this time. 

Entrant: PaniniPress